No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1402

“Boy, I really didn’t expect that an illegitimate son who came back from the world could kill my brother, but today I want to avenge him!”

Cloud’s eyes narrowed slightly. A terrible aura radiated from his body, and immediately slashed out with his sword.

At this moment, outside the huge blue light curtain, everyone was staring at the same spot.

Especially Jared and others of the Hunt family. He originally thought that the two larger light groups must be theirs. After all, their Hunt family and Lagorio family also have the Trevino family, and they had a private agreement before. He said that after the event is completed, there will be a lot of spirit grass and pills to be given to the two families, and the three will work together to clean up the masters of other families.

Therefore, people from other families were completely unprepared. The three of them gathered together one after another to jointly besiege the masters of other families who were alone, and it would surely be able to achieve very good results.

However, what he couldn’t think of was that after two huge groups of light spots hit together, they actually fought.

“It’s a fight. There are a lot of people. Both sides don’t seem to be members of the same family. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many people?”

After thinking about it, the second elder of the Hunt family took a step forward and spoke softly to Jared. Said: “Master, looking at it like this, it seems that people from other families have united and started fighting with our people. If you guess right, this must be the final battle. After all, there are not many days left and people in other places are scattered!”

Jared nodded, and finally smiled coldly: “If the person who killed my son is among them, I hope Cloud can avenge his younger brother!”

On the other side, the other Master’s people stared at the place above the light curtain, all guessing what was going on.

“Master, I don’t know what happened to Master Jack!”

Titus next to Nash was slightly worried: “After all, the young master offended the second young master of the Hunt family, and he also offended the Norman family. Now the Lagorio family hates us, although the young master is not afraid of the Lagorio family, the Hunt family and Norman family, they can be troublesome!”

Nash was silent for several seconds before saying: “There should be no problem. After all, Jack has an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon in his hands. Yes, even though his cultivation base is a little bit lower than those of the top masters, but with that spirit weapon to help him increase his combat power, it shouldn’t be a problem if you think about it!”

But, There is still some worry in his heart. The eldest master of the Hunt family, who is very powerful, is said to be close to the peak of the True God Realm!

Titus smiled bitterly, and then said: “Master Jack does have an Ultimate Grade Weapon. but it is precisely because of this that such a treasure is more likely to make people jealous. Therefore, I am really afraid that this thing will cause jealousy and will cause murder!”

After Titus said so, Nash was also a little worried.

However, after thinking about it, he said, “I believe in my son. Besides, it’s useless for us to be anxious now. We can only wait. We only have a few days. When the time comes, everyone will come out and we will know.”

At this time, on the Kobe Mountains hillside, Jack and Cloud’s attacks bombarded together.

A dazzling light made Jack close his eyes. The terrible shock wave spread out from the attacking place to the surroundings, making people feel that the space there was slightly shaking.

However, Jack soon discovered that his attack was actually similar to Cloud’s attack. After a while, the two actually canceled each other out. This time, the two attacks were on the same level.

“That is amazing, now I am completely convinced that you killed my brother! You really have such strength!”

After the light dissipated, Cloud stared at Jack firmly. He knew very well that his attack just now, even a master like Helena, would not have been able to withstand it. However, Jack’s attack was actually comparable to his attack.

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