No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1403

“Jack, we should attack him together!” Helena on the side looked at Jack, and then said to Jack.

“Okay!” Jack nodded, and the two of them slashed out with their swords together.

This time, Helena also used a very good martial skill. The sword energy went straight ahead like a shooting star, while Jack also used the second-rank low-level martial art just now, Blazing Slash.

He believed that if two people attack at the same time, if the other party still uses the same attack as just now, that it will not be so easy to defend against.

“Double Dragon Fist!”

Unexpectedly, Cloud at this time actually put away the sword, then clenched his fists, and at the same time the two fists blasted out together.

Suddenly, two huge aura dragons appeared. After the long dragons appeared, they looked lifelike with a touch of majesty. After a roar, they rushed forward.

Jack’s attack quickly fell on it, and there was a short stalemate with the long dragon.

However, on the other side, Helena’s attack only held up for a quick second. Her slash was quickly destroyed, and the long dragon came straight to her, although most of it was consumed, some was left. There was an impact, and it still blasted her body, sending her flying back several tens of meters.

Helena gasped for air and blood trickled from her mouth, her face turned pale in an instant.

“This guy is really strong. I only heard that he is very good before. I have never fought against him before. Only when I fought against him did I know how great his strength is!”

Helena wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth with her hands, she sat there shocked.

The martial arts used by the opponent is also very powerful, it can actually deal with two people at the same time. but this attack power is not bad at all. I am afraid, at least it is a second-rank intermediate martial art.

On Jack’s side, after the attack was over, he discovered that the attacks of the two were once again offset. Obviously, this time, the attacks of the two were almost the same.

“Not bad!”

Cloud looked at Jack, and then sneered: “However, I didn’t fully display my strength just now. My martial arts only used 70% of my combat power. What’s next? I want to see how you deal with it!”

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