No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1406

“What should I do? If his cultivation base breaks through, it will be troublesome. It seems that he has broken through. This kind of strength was not there just now!” Helena said with a gloomy face, as she looked at Jack with some worry.

Jack looked behind him, then said, “If we really can’t beat him, then the others will be in trouble. Although we are at an advantage over there, it will definitely not stay if we continue to fight. I think you need to go over there and help them kill those other people first. I will find a way to divert Cloud away!”

“What!” After Helena listened, she took a breath: “Are you crazy? The two of us have finally got the upper hand just now and hurt him. If it weren’t for having two of us, we would not be his opponent. If you lead him away by yourself, you will die.”

Unexpectedly, Jack was very firm, and smiled bitterly: “Now there is no better way. The other people from the Hunt family, from the Trevino family, and from the Lagorio family must be killed. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They killed many of us. We can’t let them run this time. Also, we can’t let Cloud get out alive!”

“I also know that we can’t let him go out alive, but now With his cultivation base, the two of us are not his opponents when we join forces. If you go by yourself, aren’t you going to die?”

Helena was still very worried and frowned, bit her red lips, and she knew he was right in her heart. She was worried about Jack and she was afraid he would be killed trying to divert Cloud away.

“Don’t worry, I have this flying sword. He wants to kill me. It’s not that easy. Besides, my flying sword is the fastest. He won’t be able to catch up with me. I will draw him away from you guys. After killing the other people, find a place to hide, preferably outside the forest, just wait to get out!”

After Jack thought for a while, he said again: “As long as I survive, I will also look for you at that time. Don’t worry, my combat power and this flying sword will make it difficult for him to kill me!”

“Okay, Be careful, then!”

Helena bit her lips, and after flying a distance ahead, she reluctantly turned her head and said, “Don’t die! Otherwise, Daniella will be sad, and Your wife, daughter, and your parents are all at home waiting for you to go back!”

“Don’t worry, I’m too strong to die!”

After Jack heard this, his heart warmed slightly. Helena, without looking back, she flew back to the fighting place in front of her.

Seeing that Helena flew back to help, Daniella, who was fighting, was overjoyed: “Great, have you killed that guy? Our side also killed many of them, haha , If you and Jack both come back to help, none of them can get away!”

The situation here is really very good. Only dozens of people died here, and the opponent has already lost more than two hundred people, and now the gap in the number of people is much larger than before. The cultivation base has suppressed the opponent again, and the opponent’s people have no chance to break through.

Therefore, as long as Jack and Helena win, they will be killed faster.

“No, why did Helena come back?”

The Lagorio family, Trevino family, and Hunt family were shocked when they saw that Helena came back. They didn’t have much morale to look forward to so they were desperately waiting for the young master to come back to turn things around.

“Damn, you shouldn’t listen to Cloud. Didn’t he say that he could solve the other party quickly?” A man from the Trevino family was even more furious. All of a sudden, they were in trouble.

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