No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1408

“If that is the case then that would be great!”

Daniella didn’t know that Helena was lying to her. After hearing this, she was rather happy.

Everyone continued to kill the enemy, and those who were left all were killed by the people here.

“This is great, less than a hundred people died. This time, it is a big victory, haha!” Rufus laughed, ecstatic at the outcome and victory.

“Yeah, it’s really great. This time, it’s revenge for those who died!” Venus also laughed extremely excited, feeling extremely happy in her heart.

“This time, the Hunt family, the Trevino family, and the Lagorio family have suffered too much. Although there must be a lot of masters in their family, those who can participate in the competition are all relatively good, right? They have lost so many masters, I’m sure that people from these three families will cry and faint when they find out!” Yule was also extremely happy, while the others were beginning to pack their spoils.

Daniella frowned because she found that Helena didn’t seem to be as happy as everyone else. She was frowning and always looking in a certain direction.

“Sister, why isn’t Jack coming back? If Cloud was injured before, then he should come back soon!”

Daniella flew to the side of Helena, and then said again: “Hey are you really worried about your boyfriend?”

Helena looked at Daniella, her eyes were a little red, and she didn’t know how to tell her sister. Her sister was too innocent, and really believed everything she said. She just didn’t have the heart to make any jokes with her.

“Sister, what’s the matter?” Daniella saw the eldest sister like this, and knew in her heart that something might be wrong, and immediately asked anxiously: “Eldest sister, where is Jack? Why hasn’t he come back? Let’s go find him, okay?”

“Yeah, girl, why hasn’t my brother come back yet?” Rufus who flew over also looked at Helena with expectation.

Opening her mouth, Helena said to everyone embarrassed: “Jack, Jack ran away!”


Everyone stared at them, wondering what Helena meant.

“Cloud took a pill, and the pill was so powerful that it made him reach the peak of the True God Realm instantly. For everyone’s safety, Jack led him away and told me to come back and help everyone kill the other Hunt family members!”

Helena bit her lips, and then said the whole thing in one breath: “He has led Cloud away now, and I don’t know how is he doing now!”

“The Peak of the True God Realm?”

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