No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1409

Daniella was dumbfounded, and Cloud was very powerful in the late stage of True God Realm. If he really had the cultivation base of True God Realm Peak, Jack couldn’t beat the opponent at all.

“What? Isn’t it dangerous? What if he dies? How can he be like this? How can I explain to my father when I go back!”

Yule was very anxious, her eyes were red, she didn’t know what to do.

Although she and Jack are only half-brothers and sisters, Jack is very good to everyone and took good care of her, at least much better than Lance. Therefore, When she heard that Jack was being chased by Cloud, her heart was suddenly worried.

“Hey, if he doesn’t lead Cloud away, when Cloud kills us, he would definitely come and help here. At that time, you would all die here!”

Helena sighed and said: “Jack’s choice is to sacrifice himself and save us all. However, he said, he has that flying sword, and the flying sword is very fast. It shouldn’t be a problem!”

“Sister, Cloud’s speed is fast, but the Hunt family is the strongest family among the Shadow Family’s, and their background is the most profound. Have you forgotten that there are some other things that they had previously obtained from the mysterious and dangerous place? They have a talisman paper that can increase ones’ speed!”

Daniella was anxious and flew forward: “No, I’m going to help him, if he dies, what could I do!”

A few people saw this scene and were completely stunned. Something has happened to Jack and is seems that Daniella is more worried than Helena? It seemed that Daniella was Jack’s girlfriend.

“Don’t go!”

Helena flew directly up and grabbed Daniella: “Daniella, don’t be impulsive. you can’t catch up with them, even if you catch up, you can’t help anything. Your cultivation base is not good at all, even with my cultivation base it won’t be helpful to go!”

Speaking of this, Helena said with a solemn expression: “Before, when Jack and I attacked him, if Jack had not been very powerful and helped me, I’m afraid I would have been killed. Now that Cloud has broken through, for us to go is to die!”

“Sister, but, but…”

Daniella was anxious and didn’t know what to do, she suddenly realized that she is talented, but she was lazy and only trained for fun. Though her talent can be said to be very good, it’s not better than Helena’s talent.

It’s a pity that she was lazy and that she is still in the early stage of the True God Realm. Now that Jack is in danger, she realizes that her cultivation base is really so powerless, and then she realizes that she is really still not strong enough.

“The third sister, the eldest sister is right. You couldn’t even catch up. Even if you catch up, you won’t be able to help you much. Instead, it will drag Jack down!”

Venus also took two steps forward and was very serious and said: “Let’s first look at the spoils which are divided, according to the previous agreement, the White family gets 40 percent of it. This is a victory, an unprecedented victory, it is because Jack has helped us!”

Here, Venus paused, and then said again: “The only thing we can do is not to mess with Jack, and then pray that he can live!”

“Cloud’s cultivation base is so high, and there are such terrible charms. The talisman will definitely allow him to catch up with Jack and Jack will definitely be killed by that time. How can he still have a chance to live!” Daniella still was in despair, and the more she thought about it, the more she got scared, but she did realize that in this case, Jack’s choice was obviously the best.

“That’s right, Jack said, the pill should also have a certain time limit. He should just wait until that time. Moreover, the pill also has a backwards effect. Once the time passes, Cloud’s cultivation base will fall far, and the injury will not be light. At that time, Cloud will definitely die!”

Helena quickly thought of something, and persuaded Daniella: “Jack has that flying sword, he only needs to stick to it, he will definitely be able to survive!”

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