No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1410

Hearing what Helena said, although she was still very worried, Daniella felt a little relieved in her heart.

At least, Jack still has some hope, as long as he persists, there is hope of winning.

Although, this hope does not seem to be great.

“Hey, what shall we do now? Wait for him here?” Finally, Daniella sighed and couldn’t help but ask Helena.

Those other people also looked at Helena. After all, Jack is not here now, and Helena’s cultivation base is also the strongest. Moreover, everyone thinks she is Jack’s girlfriend. Since Jack is not here and Helena’s cultivation base is also the strongest. If he is not are not here, they should listen to her.

Helena saw everyone’s eyes on her, and then slowly said, “Jack said, let us leave Kobe Mountain. Anyway, this game is about to end. Let us try our best to go to the outskirts of the forest. If he survives, he will come to us. we just need to go to the periphery of the forest and find a place to wait for him!”

“Well, let’s go down first, fly for a few hours, and wait for everyone to rest for a night. When the time comes, everyone can heal their wounds, and those who replenish their aura will replenish the aura in their body. We will continue to set off tomorrow morning and go straight to the outskirts of the forest!”

Daniella nodded, and she also understood that now she can only pray silently for Jack in her heart.

“The battle there is over, and many people have died!”

At this time, outside, staring at the people in the previous spot of light, they were also full of emotion.

In this competition, almost half of the people have died now, which made many people feel very heavy.

“Master, the remaining group of people is the crowded group of people. Hey, needless to say, it must be the young master, he took revenge on the second young master!”

The First Elder of the Hunt family smiled, his face full of triumph: “It seems that the group of people with few people must be the miscellaneous army of other families. Haha, they must have discovered something wrong, and this is only temporary. They got together and wanted to resist. It’s a pity that there are too few masters. Haha, it was solved by our young master so quickly!”

“Yeah, great, it’s finally revenge!”

Jared nodded, and was slightly happy. Although this time, he did pay a great price, but he believed that the masters of other families must have died. They all lost more than their Hunt family, Trevino family, and Lagorio family.

In this way, the status of their Hunt family was stabilized.

Masters Trevino and Trenton looked at each other, and both nodded slightly. Obviously, they also knew in their hearts that they were the real winners this time.

Especially Trenton, when he thought that Jack had already died, he was so comfortable in his heart. His daughter’s hatred was more than half repaid.

However, this is not enough. The only thing left is Nash’s head. He believes that within two years, they will definitely be stronger. When they find the opportunity, they will do well with the Hunt family and the Trevino family. When the time comes, they will find a reason to destroy the White Family, that will be a joy.

The people of the White family, and the people of the Cabello family, were actually worried. They also saw the situation on the light curtain, the large group of light spots, and the other small group of light spots. They also think that it is mostly a team organized by the Hunt family. Who can organize so many people and has such a powerful person? I am afraid that only the Hunt family can do it.

“Hey, I don’t know what happened to Master Jack. The situation on the light curtain looks terrible. I hope Master Jack will not be among the hundreds of people just now!”

Titus sighed from the sidelines. He was obviously worried for Jack: “If there is anything wrong with Master Jack, then our loss will be great. Not to mention Master Jack, just the sword is a great loss!”

“Hey, just wait!” Nash sighed and closed his eyes. He was also worried, but worry was useless. He could only wait outside.

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