No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1416

“Hey, why hasn’t he come back yet!” After waiting for a while, someone sighed again.

“Hey, there is a man standing on a flying sword over there, flying over here!” At this moment, a Tudor family man who flew on the branch said happily.

“Really? Great!” When Helena, Daniella and others heard this, they were all excited, and immediately started flying.

However, after a while, after they saw the person on the flying sword clearly, their expressions became a little ugly.

After the other party flew close, he was frightened. When he saw that there were many people here, although he was from a first-class family, he was from the Canmore family, and he was not afraid of anything at ordinary times.

However, these are all masters in front of him. There are hundreds of people under the forest. How can he fight this situation?

“Great, hello everyone, I’m alone, and I don’t have any tokens. If you want anything, I will give it to you. I hope you don’t do anything!” The man bitterly said.

He was just in the initial stage of True God Realm. Although this cultivation was not low, he is not an opponent at all in the face of Helena, Daniella, Venus and Rufus, and he doesn’t even have the ability to resist.

“Who wants your token? Besides, the game will be over tomorrow. We’re not interested in grabbing your tokens!”

When Daniella saw the man was not Jack, her heart was full of disappointment. She gave him an angry look, crossed her arms and said, “Go away, go away, disappear quickly, I will be annoyed when I see you again!”

The man was very grateful that they did not take what he had left, but did they look like they were bothered by him? He really couldn’t understand where he offended this beauty, and he was actually caught by surprise, unsure as to why they were so annoyed.

“Okay okay!” The man was puzzled, but he swiftly drove his mid-grade flying sword straight into the distance.

After another while, there were actually four or five White Family members flying over from a distance.

When they saw Daniella and others standing here, their faces sank, and the oncoming people were a little scared, wondering if the women would snatch their things.


After Yule in the woods below saw them, she immediately flew up and shouted at them.

Kain White saw that it was Yule, and he was relieved, and then looked at the woods below, only to find that there were so many people gathered in this place, and there were so many people from the White family.

“Great, Miss Yule, great, I didn’t expect everyone to be here!”

Kain was extremely excited, and then said, “These days, the few of us are really too cautious. We have seen the young masters who were killed. Hey, this game is completely different from the previous ones!”

At this point, Kain seemed to have thought of something. After looking around, he asked, “By the way, what about Master Jack? Why don’t I see him? Didn’t he stay with you?”

Everyone’s faces became gloomy when they heard this.

“No, did something happen to him?”

Kain panicked after seeing everyone like this and feeling that the atmosphere was not right. He said anxiously: “Impossible, Master Jack is so good, and his talent is good, if something happens to him, what can we do with the White family? Nothing can happen to him!”

“That’s it…” Yule sighed. In a tone, he told the other party what had happened before, all the details.

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