No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1417

“For everyone, he actually chose to sacrifice himself!”

Kain hadn’t cried yet. A woman who came with him was already crying, and it seemed to be a sad moment.

“Look, everyone, Jack, it’s Jack!”

Daniella suddenly saw in the distance a familiar figure on a flying sword, flying over here, and she was suddenly excited.

Everyone in the woods was extremely excited when they heard it, and they all flew up.

Soon, a large group of people appeared in the sky here.

Jack was looking for everyone, but when he saw that there were so many people here, he smiled and flew straight to them.

“It’s great, he really survived!”

Helena was also extremely excited, for some reason, her eyes were slightly red at this moment.

“We knew that Master Jack would do it!”

A man immediately patted his thigh excitedly.

“Yeah, Young Master Jack, he is a master among masters. Nobody is his opponent, not even that young master of the Hunt family!” There was a man from the Tudor Family who was equally excited.

They all know that the lives of these people were all saved by Jack. At that time, if Jack hadn’t lured Cloud away, all of them here would have probably died.

“Haha, hello everyone, I haven’t seen you for a few days!” Jack said with a smile after flying over.

“You, really, why did you come here so late? We were all scared to death, afraid that you were dead!”

Daniella almost rushed over to hug Jack, but when she thought of it, in front of everyone, everyone thought her sister was Jack’s girlfriend. In the end, she resisted the impulse in her heart and became angry.

“Daniella, how can he be blamed? It is not easy for him to survive. It is estimated that he is injured. So he had to heal his injuries. Besides, it is not easy to find us in such a large forest. It is not easy to find us. So he has already done pretty well!” Helena couldn’t help but say to Daniella.

“Yes, yes, he just needed to survive!” Venus, who had some prejudice against Jack before, now has no prejudice against Jack at all, but rather admires Jack in her heart.

She has to say that her sister’s vision was really good that she could find such an excellent man.

“Okay, everyone rest here, tomorrow you will be able to go out!”

Jack smiled, and then flew down, and everyone followed him and landed on the ground.

“By the way, how about Cloud? Is he dead? I remember that their Hunt family has a talisman that can help flight and increase flight speed. Did he use that thing and chase after you?” After Helena thought for a while, she asked Jack curiously.

“Oh, it turns out that that kind of weird paper is called a talisman!”

Jack suddenly said, “Don’t worry, that guy is dead. After using that talisman, his speed was indeed very fast. But I could resist several of his attacks. Every time I resisted, I would continue to fly. Anyway, it took a long time. The effect of his medicine dissipated and after being backlashed, his cultivation base actually fell to the demi-god realm!”

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