No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1418

“No way, the backlash effect of this pill is so terrible? From the late stage of True God Realm, he almost fell back to the ninth grade of the grandmaster?” When everyone heard this, they all took a sharp breath of air in.

“I have to say that the pill is indeed powerful. It can improve the cultivation base and increase the combat effectiveness in a short time.This thing, at the critical moment, is the key to victory, but the price it pays seems to be too great! Of course, if it weren’t for the horrible backlash, Cloud would not take it. But he was also injured, and not our opponent, so he took the pill.”

Jack couldn’t help but pause and then continued, “Thanks to my flying sword, the speed is fast, otherwise I would have been killed by that guy!”

“Yeah, listening to you, it’s really thrilling!” Rufus replied with emotion on his face, after thinking about it. he explained to everyone: “By the way, everyone will go out tomorrow. At that time, if the Hunt family asks, who killed their second or eldest young master? No one of us here is allowed to speak out, do you know? After all, the other three people who know about it are all dead!”

“Don’t worry, Master Jack saved our lives, we will definitely not say anything, everyone, right?”

A man from the Tudor family immediately patted his chest and said.

“Yeah, we definitely won’t say it!”

“Even if it kills me, I won’t say it!” The others promised immediately one by one.

Jack smiled, flipped his palm, and actually took out a lot of tokens, and then handed them to Rufus and Helena: “Let’s split half and half?”

“Why are you giving us so much? That is too much, really, Brother Jack, we can’t ask for this!” Rufus immediately declined.

“Yeah, Jack, keep it. By the way, the trophies we got in the battle are distributed to you in proportion to your sister Yule!”

Helena also did not pick up the tokens from Jack. Besides, they got enough tokens. It’s no problem to enter the top three. There is no need for Jack’s tokens.

Unexpectedly, Jack smiled bitterly and said, “You have to share some of it with me, it’s too much!”

“It’s too much?”

Rufus and Helena glanced at each other, the two of them looked at each other. There was a weird look on their faces.

Jack nodded: “Yeah, Cloud had too many tokens in his ring, I must give you some! The tokens I got from him must be split properly!”

“Yes, Brother Jack, I put everything in this ring, and I can give it to you now!”

Yule smiled. she smiled, and gave the ring to Jack.

Jack took the things over and took a look, and smiled very satisfied: “This time, we got a lot of spirit grass and so on!”

“Yes, this time the game, although it was indeed cruel. But it can be regarded as an exercise for everyone. Survival of the fittest and the weak eat the strong. This is the rule of survival in this world!”

Rufus also said with emotion, “When we go out, the people of the Hunt family, the people of the Lagorio family, and more the people of the Trevino family, I guess they will be mad!”

Jack added: “There are also people from the Norman family, the three young masters of the Norman family, I also killed them!”


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