No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1419

“Haha, this is because they dare to fight against my elder brother. They are looking for death on their own, no wonder!” Rufus laughed heartily again.

In the evening, everyone simply hunted down a few monsters and gathered around to bake them.

Because there were no powerful monsters in the periphery of the forest, everyone could relax completely.

At this time, many of the other contestants started to go to the periphery as well, some found a place to hide, and waited for the end of the next day.

Soon, it was light the next day, and everyone was chatting, waiting for the end of the game.

And above the sky gradually began to fluctuate. At the top of Kobe Mountain, a golden pattern appeared unexpectedly. In the pattern, there were seven light spots of different colors. After those light spots appeared, it started blinking.

“Is it going out? Will this light curtain be gone soon?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know how to get out, how do I feel, there is a kind of attraction in the sky. It’s like a force!”

Many people started talking, and the attraction from the sky was getting stronger and stronger.

“The golden pattern seems very familiar. Have you noticed it? It seems that you have seen it somewhere!”

What Jack didn’t expect was that at this time, Daniella said something so abruptly.

“It’s amazing, I’ll take a few photos with my phone!” Venus touched her phone and started taking pictures.

“Why does this pattern look like a map?”

Rufus also looked at it for a while, then said.

Jack’s heart was even more stunned: “Yeah, it really looks like a map. You can all take a look at these seven light spots of different colors, where they are, and if there is any location that is like this.”

Jack suddenly had a terrible speculation. He believed that there must be an Ultimate God Realm, but he didn’t know how or why it was lost.

And this formation was left behind as a broken formation many years ago, but is now fixed by Jared Hunt, he felt, perhaps, this formation is some kind of guide. Maybe, that construction of the formation and that ancient stone pillar was deliberately destroyed, and the purpose of destroying it, I’m afraid, was to cover up what it was.

“This map is a bit like our Daxia!”

Helena also began to think. After a while, she took a breath, “My God, the locations of these seven light spots are really not randomly distributed.

Yes, after thinking about it carefully, have you found that this is the same as the distribution of the seven dangerous places in Daxia, is it the same?”

“Yes, really, the position is really similar to the position of the seven dangerous places. Ah!”

Daniella also exclaimed, “My God, just now I thought that these patterns are just a mess of patterns. They only appear when the formation is about to go out. Unexpectedly, this actually has meaning.

“This is great!” Jack clenched his fists and was ecstatic.

And at this time, a whirlpool appeared in the sky. The attraction was so powerful that it quickly attracted everyone and then sucked them into the whirlpool.

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