No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1421

One man stood up, rubbed his butt, and then looked at the crowd in front of him. at this time, the other participants, too, quite a few, were thrown out.

Some of those who reacted faster, did use their aura immediately, so that they landed safely, and some of those who reacted slower, landed directly on the ground, and fell in a mess.

“Haha, Harold, I knew you must be alive, come here, good grandson!”

The second elder of the Canmore family, after seeing his grandson come out, his face was full of joy.

Harold rubbed his butt and patted the dust before he came over and said with a bitter smile, “I’m alive, but I’m just unlucky that I didn’t get many tokens!”

“Tokens or not, it’s not that important, the key is, how many people are still alive. This is the key, we can probably judge from the light on the light screen, this time, almost half of them are dead!”

The second elder of the Canmore family, full of emotion, although his grandson is the middle stage of the True God realm, is extremely powerful, but this time to participate in the competition, but there were several freaks, some guys who’s combat power is amazing, so, even with Harold’s talent, his heart was a little worried.

“So many dead? Hey, I wonder how many people are alive in our Canmore family!”

Harold sighed and looked at those people who were thrown out with a gloomy face.

Many family masters, each with clenched fists, were worried beyond measure in their hearts.

“Yule has come out!”

Titus quickly saw the figure of Yule, and with joy, excitedly said to Nash.

“I see, I see!” When Nash saw Yule his heart was slightly relieved. After Yule, a lot of White family masters came out, and soon came out a dozen.

But, his heart is still a little worried, after all, they had 400 people in the competition. If there are only a dozen, he does not know how the future will be.

“Beth is also out!”

Titus soon saw Beth and again his heart was happy.

Kenneth was even more happy when he saw his daughter coming out, and hurriedly said, “Beth, come here!”

Beth took a look and immediately flew over quickly, “Dad!”

Kenneth immediately asked, “Where is Jack? Have you seen him? He is still alive, right?”

Nash and the others, one by one, looked at Beth, they all couldn’t wait to know if Jack was still alive.


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