No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1427

“What Elder Hunt said is, whatever happened inside, is over when it’s over. I believe that your Hunt family should also not do such a despicable thing!”

Master Lucas, after thinking about it, stood out and said, “Since the competition is over, it’s better to tally the tokens now, and then according to the ranking, give out the rewards of this competition, how about it?”

“Master Lucas has a point, tally it up!”

Jared’s face was gloomy, now he felt a pain in his heart.

“First Elder, I feel that Cloud is definitely not dead, this secret technique of his, I can still feel the connection with him in my body!”

While everyone was counting the tokens, Jared couldn’t help but say to the Hunt family’s First Elder.

“There is still a connection? That means he’s definitely not dead!”

After hearing this, the Hunt family’s First Elder was overjoyed, then said, “Definitely, the other party thought that the young master was dead and then left.The young master is not dead, it must be that he was pretending to be dead. Haha, he must still be inside the forest!”

“Yeah, why didn’t I think of that! You immediately take people in to look around and find Cloud, got it?”

Jared’s eyes lit up and his heart was wildly happy, in case his son was not dead yet, or pretending to be dead or something!

The First Elder immediately led a group of people and rushed off to find Cloud.

Jack heard this, immediately frowned, but quickly and frankly, he believed that Cloud was absolutely dead, because at that time, he had used his sword to slash Cloud into two. As to why the eldest young master and Jared still had the connection through the special technique, Jack guessed that it must have been because of some reason with the pill.

When Helena and Daniella and others heard that, they did not expect this and were worried. In case Jack really did not kill Cloud, and that Cloud was still alive, then would that not be a problem?

Unexpectedly, Helena and Daniella’s somewhat worried expression was accidentally seen by Jared, and he couldn’t help but frown, his heart was also immediately thumped.

Jared felt that Helena was definitely related to his son’s death, otherwise, why would she be so nervous and worried when she heard that Cloud was not dead.

Soon, the tallying of tokens and the statistics were completed.

The top three people were Jack, Helena, and Rufus, and the collective ranking was the White family in first place, followed by the Tudor family and Cabello family!

The four families, the Norman family, the Hunt family, the Trevino family and the Lagorio family, were all ranked very, very low, both in the individual race and in the collective situation.

However, they no longer cared about the ranking, the results of this competition, the masters who died, made them grieve enough.

“This is unexpected, in the individual competition and the collective competition, our White family is ranked first!”

Titus and Kenneth and others were excited beyond measure, this time the White family truly dazzled for once.

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