No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1428

“This time, the White family can be considered to have made a fortune, I really didn’t expect that they could actually win two first places!”

“Yes, it’s true that you can’t tell the ability of someone just from their looks, and with incomparable wealth, this young master of the White family is really the pride of the sky. He was only in the middle-stage of the True God realm, but he actually managed to get the first place and can get so many tokens!”

“Maybe it’s luck. After all, this time it’s a search for tokens, it’s not like he has to fight someone, if he meets those other late True God realm freaks, he’s definitely no match!”

A lot of people around, one by one, are also talking away.

“Master Hunt, do you really think it’s possible that the eldest young master is still alive? If not dead, according to reason, that formation should also locate him, right?”

Darryl quickly came in front of Jared, and after thinking about it, he couldn’t help but ask.

Jared nodded and said directly, “This may still be possible, since this is the first time we are using this formation, would it not be possible? And, what if my son is pretending to be dead? What I can be sure of now is that the kind of connection between me and Cloud obviously still exists. I did not actively break this connection so it will always exist, unless he is dead!”

Speaking of which, Jared looked at that forest ahead, which then added, “But, no matter what, now this close connection is still there, that must mean he is still alive!”

“Is it possible that the formation can not sense him? Is it possible that it can’t sense people who are seriously injured?”

Darryl frowned, then his eyes slightly brightened, immediately turned to their First Elder and shouted, “First Elder, you should take some people in to look as well, see if you can find some of our Norman family masters, see if my three sons are still alive, this formation has never been used before, this is the first time it’s being used, and hence may not be able to accurately sense the situation of the people inside it!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll bring some people in to find out!”

After hearing this, the eldest elder of the Norman family’s eyes lit up. What if his grandson had not died there?

“I told you it was impossible, how could so many people have died? Maybe there are still people who have not been detected. That’s why they didn’t come out!”

There was a family head who also immediately said so. Their family went in as participants, and ended up with a large number of deaths. Such a fact made it difficult to accept.

Many people from the family listened, one by one also sent people in to look for people.

“Jack, should we also send people in to look for them?”

Nash looked at Jack, he believed that what was shown on that light screen was definitely correct, and that one of the vanishing dots was definitely dead.

After thinking about it, Jack said softly, “Go ahead, send some people to do the job!”

Nash nodded and also sent people to pretend and look for others.

The people of the Cabello family and the Tudor family saw that the White family also sent people to look for them, they also sent some people to look for them.

Since everyone went to look for people, everyone was embarrassed to leave. Jack could not tell Nash that the three young masters of the Norman family and the two young masters of the Hunt family were killed by him, so they could only wait outside together.

Waiting for two or three days, the people who went to look for them, also basically all came back. However, the faces of each one are not very good, all returned without success.

“Impossible, I can clearly feel this connection ah? Could it be that my secret method had gone wrong?”

Jared was always in disbelief that his eldest son also died in this thing, after getting the report from the First Elder and others, still shaking his head one after another.

“Master, face the fact, we found the body of the eldest young master. It was split in two, he cannot be alive!”

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