No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1429

The First Elder sighed, and then said helplessly.

Jared gritted his teeth, his body slightly trembled, and after a while, he couldn’t help but roar out loud.

However, what was unexpected was that at this time, Jack was flying up and became the object of everyone’s attention.

“Jack, what are you flying up for? Could it be that you know who my son was killed by?”

Jared looked at Jack and questioned him.

Jack looked at the other party, then said, “Master Hunt, be merciful. This death, he surely cannot be revived, what’s more, you also said before that the rules of this competition are like this, no matter what the consequences are, everyone has to go through it, right?”

“You ……”

Jared was angry, but speechless, these words, indeed, he repeatedly told everyone.

“Kid, then what do you mean by flying up? Can’t you calm down?”

Trenton immediately pointed at Jack from the side and said, their family had also lost many masters, it made them feel angry to think about it.

“I fly up because I want to tell you something that everyone really wants to know!”

Jack smiled before saying, “Just now we found a very wonderful thing, which may have something to do with finding a way to break through to Ultimate God Level cultivation!”


At once, many people’s eyes had a little more excitement in them, especially those at the late True God Realm and peak True God Realm cultivation levels.

Even the originally grief-stricken Hunt family’s family head and the Norman family’s family head, each one of them also had a little more of a strange glint in their eyes.

“Kid, this is a matter of great importance, you can’t talk nonsense!”

The First Elder of the Cabello Family was also excited beyond measure, his heart was expecting Jack to say something useful, but he was afraid that what Jack said would be completely useless.

“Yes, kid, so many of us, after searching for so many years, we haven’t found any clues, and yet, you have found clues? You must be bragging, right?”

Trenton even had a cold smile on his face, he didn’t believe that Jack could have any clues.

“Don’t worry, if I didn’t have a little bit of certainty, how would I dare to come out and say this?”

Jack coldly looked at Trenton, then said to the crowd, “I don’t know if you’ve realised, that earlier on in the sky, there was a pattern above the light screen, that pattern, was a piece of our country map, and the seven shining light points, with different colors of light points. I asked Helena and everyone said that the locations were the so-called seven great dangers. Each light point was in the exact same spot as them.”

Rufus heard this and immediately excitedly said, “Brother Jack, you mean, inside these seven dangerous places, perhaps there is a secret about the Ultimate God Realm?”


Jack nodded, and then said with great certainty, “Moreover, I feel that the possibility is really not ordinary! Inside these seven dangerous places, there must be secrets about the Ultimate God Realm!”

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