No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1435

“Yes, we have three strong people comparable to the peak of the True God realm, and this time the Hunt family loss is not small. Plus we have a good relationship with the Tudor family and with the Cabello family, and now we can also make a good relationship with some other families. Plus we did not provoke others much, if the Hunt family even knew that young master Jack killed the two young masters, they would not dare to act rashly!”

The First Elder, on the other hand, nodded, and he felt a lot of pressure lift off of him at this understanding.

“Well, now that we have gone so far, let’s go. Everyone, come on up, let’s talk in detail about some of the things that happened during the game on the road!”

Jack flipped his palm and took out his flying sword, then floated in front of everyone.

Everyone was full of smiles, and one by one, they jumped on, while Jack controlled the flying sword and flew in the direction of the White family home.

By that time the people from the other clans had all left, while the people from the Lagorio family and the Trevino family were still here, each with a gloomy face.

“Master Hunt, who do you think did it? Moreover, we were prepared. Those other clans, before, had no idea that our people would join hands to kill their people. We can’t be so unlucky!”

The Lagorio family head was gloomy, still a bit puzzled.

“How do I know? I really don’t know who actually killed my son! We must investigate slowly in the future. We can’t just forget about it, I still don’t believe that there will be an impervious wall!”

Jared’s fists clenched, when he thought of his two sons, he was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

“Yes, we will also inquire about it, we can definitely find out something!”

Master Trevino clenched his fists, although his son did not die, but the third elder’s grandson, who was a well known master, was actually also killed, he also had a medium-grade spiritual weapon that was stolen from him. Their family’s loss this time is really too big.

The most speechless was Trenton, who originally wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to kill this kid Jack. But he did not expect that the White family would not lose many people. Jack is alive and well, but his family has lost a lot of masters. Now he does not know how long they will have to wait to have their revenge.

He had broken through to the peak of the True God realm cultivation, which is great news, originally he thought that would bring revenge one step closer.

However, he did not expect that the First Elder of the White Family had also broken through to the peak of True God Realm, in which case, he felt that his desire for revenge was really a bit distant.

“Master Hunt, I think it’s very likely that it was the kid Jack White and Helena Cabello. If you think about it, the second young master went for them, and with Helena being so beautiful, if she tricked him and then Jack came in the help, he would not have stood a chance.” Trenton thought about it, and said to Jared.

“Now there is no evidence at all, even if there is, we can’t make a move!”

Jared said gloomily “You guys better go back, take a good rest, perhaps, inside these seven dangerous places, there really is a way to find a breakthrough to the Ultimate God Realm, and once I break through to the Ultimate God Realm, I will seek every one of them out.”

After hearing this, Trenton felt a little fear and immediately said, “Anyway, it’s not our family, we are allies, what’s more, our family doesn’t have anyone who can do this!”

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