No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1439

“Mom, don’t worry, Jack is with Dad and the others, surely nothing will happen!” Selena smiled gently and said.

Just as her words fell, up in the sky in the distance, a flying sword was flying quickly towards them, and on top of that flying sword, there were several hundred people standing.

“They’re back, they’re finally back!”

Elaine was the first to see Jack and the others, and immediately stood up, excited beyond measure.

“Mom, look, he’s back, isn’t he?”

Selena was also happy in her heart, she hadn’t seen Jack for more than a month. Honestly, it was wrong not to miss him, however, she found that this time passed quite fast if she tried her best to cultivate, and she didn’t have time to think about him.

“Well, it’s good to have him back!”

Joan also nodded.

“Wow, Daddy is awesome. Oh, he actually has a flying sword, when Kylie grows up, Kylie also wants to be so cool!”

After Kylie saw Jack, her big beautiful eyes couldn’t help but shine with a kind of adoration.

“Good Kylie, in the future, you have to work hard to cultivate, you know?” Selena turned back and looked at Kylie and said.

Just as they finished speaking, everyone had already jumped down from their flying sword and landed one by one in an open space, while many of the White family’s youngsters and guardians and so on, all immediately rushed over to this side.

“In-laws, you guys are back, huh? What a hard time, how was it? How was the result of this competition?”

Fiona and Andrew also rushed over and immediately asked Nash with a smile.

Nash smiled and said to the two people,”Don’t worry, this time, we got first place in two competitions, the reward of spiritual herbs is quite a lot, and everyone is very competitive. In the competition forest, they also found a lot of spiritual herbs. Only a few dozen people died!”

“A few dozen people?”

The seventh elder immediately frowned,”Master White, this is a bit much, right? In the past, there weren’t many people in a competition like this, right?”

“Hey, it’s a long story, how about this, I will let Jack tell everyone about the specific things. After all, some of the things that happened in the middle of the competition, I’m not very clear about!” Nash smiled bitterly and finally said.

Jack then stood out, and then said, “The thing is this competition and the previous competitions are a little different. In the previous competition, there were challenges and so on, while this time the competition was……”

The crowd listened to the fascination, especially about what happened on in the inside, how Jack saved others, and trying to distract the young master of the Hunt family. When they heard these things, everyone broke out in cold sweat for Jack.

Especially Selena and Joan and others, who were also worried in their hearts, if not for the power of Jack’s flying sword, they probably wouldn’t have been able to see Jack.

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