No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1443

I have to say, Selena has this gentle charm that ordinary women do not have.

Selena could not help blushing, then said: “Husband, how could I not? Sometimes I would miss you, so I tried to cultivate. I found that when I cultivate, time flies by. So because of this, it feels as if you have not been gone long!”

“Yes, that is a good idea!”

Jack nodded, and said, “Let me guess, you must have broken through to grandmaster level? I’m just not sure which level! Is it the second rank or maybe third rank grandmaster?”

Selena, who was being hugged by Jack, was so happy in her heart that she smiled obliviously, “Wrong guess! I am now a fourth rank grandmaster!”

“Wow, this is powerful! I had already guessed high, but I really didn’t expect it. I underestimated my wife’s talent!”

Jack’s eyes lit up, and said, “Rest for a few days so you can stabilize your cultivation. I just broke through a few days ago, and I also need to adapt to this new level. When we are free, we can start cultivating together. I will refine a few first grade pills for you, it will be helpful for you to raise your cultivation!”

Selena looked at Jack, before she said again. “Okay… Jack, I’ve heard that you and the Cabello Family’s First Miss are lovers, and she even forcibly kissed you, right?”

Jack instantly frowned and smiled bitterly: “Hey, it was a forced kiss, and I didn’t expect it to happen, but we are not a couple!”

“You’re not?”

Selena frowned with some doubts: “I just looked at Miss Helena, she is indeed good-looking and seems very kind and generous. You do not have to worry about me here, my parents also understand that you need to build your family. I definitely also need to cultivate so that I don’t always need to be accompanied by you. So really if you wanted to consider someone like Miss Cabello, that would be fine!”

After listening to this, Jack’s heart was warmed, he really did not expect that his wife was actually so understanding, so kind, and gentle.

However, he still shook his head, and then said: “Honey, I’m really not a couple with her, the situation was like this. The Hunt family you also know, they are the strongest of the Eight Shadow Families, and act extremely domineering. At that time, the second young master saw Miss Helena, and had thoughts about her and wanted to pester her. Miss Cabello, in order to get rid of Young Master Hunt, pretended that we were a couple!”

“You’re really not a couple?”

Selena thought about it, and then smiled bitterly: “Actually that does make sense. If it was Miss Daniella I feel that the possibility is a little greater. After all, you and Miss Helena just met a few days ago, I feel it would be much less likely than if it were Miss Daniella since you have known each other for a while. Miss Daniella also seems to be quite interested in you!”

Jack did not expect that Selena’s sixth sense was actually so keen, immediately asked: “How do you know she is interested in me?”

“I can see it. The way she is always running around after you, and the way she looks at you, sometimes it feels like you are the only person left in her eyes. This kind of crazy love for someone, I can naturally see it!”

Selena gave Jack a glance and added: “Miss Daniella is willing to steal their family’s treasures for my parents and your mother. Is this something that would be done between ordinary friends?”

Seeing that Jack did not speak, Selena then said: “Miss Daniella is a simple girl with nothing else on her mind. she treats you so well, I also think you should not let her down, so if you like her, then take the initiative!”

“Hey!” Jack heaved a sigh, and only then spoke his heart out: “Daniella is quite good to me, and she is also a good person. To tell you the truth, she and I are actually in a relationship, just I have not known how to tell you. But Kylie should not know because she will not be happy!”

“I’ve seen it a long time ago, your relationship is not ordinary!”

Selena once again gave Jack a glance, and then added: “Don’t worry, I won’t blame you, if you’re worried about Kylie, I will talk to her about it.”

“Selena, the main thing is, I got drunk one night and drank monkey wine with Daniella, and I didn’t expect that I would actually get drunk…… I would have been better off to not drink. Now, she has given away her innocence, and I as a man am responsible for that.”

Jack smiled bitterly at Selena’s words, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, because he never knew how to talk to her, for fear that she would be unhappy.

Unexpectedly, Selena was sensible, which made him feel a little guilty in his heart. I really hope that nothing happened that night.

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