No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1444

“Let me just say it, you are a careful person, and you are usually serious. You don’t take the initiative to pursue girls. Only girls take the initiative to pursue you. You and Daniella have known each other for a long time, so I didn’t think it would develop so quickly.”

Selena saw Jack’s reaction and she said seriously again: “Since this is the case, and she was ruined by you after drinking, then you should be responsible for her to the end. If you are not responsible, I will look down on you!”

“Don’t worry, wife, I have a good impression of her. She is also a good girl. If something like this happens again, I will definitely treat her well!”

Jack hugged Selena a little tighter, then lowered his head and kissed her on her red lips.

After kissing for a while, Jack’s heart was on fire and he actually wanted to make the next move.

However, his hand was soon pressed by Selena: “No, it’s still day time! Get some rest and after dinner tonight we can come back!”

“Okay! You can’t take it back!” Jack smiled, and kissed Selena’s face.

In the afternoon, Ethan, William and others were all cultivating with the White family, and each of them had made breakthroughs.

Especially William, Joseph, Adam, Riley and Sam. They all broke through to the peak of the demi-god realm. They are now only one step away from the early stage of the True God realm.

Ethan, Lana and Abner had broken through to the late demi-god realm, and each of them had made a lot of progress.

After they knew that Jack had returned, they were all very happy, and when they celebrated together in the evening, they drank a lot of wine.

When the evening celebration was over, Jack and Selena took a bath and then went to bed.

In the other room, Helena finally could not help but say to Daniella: “Daniella, you are too sudden, right? This Bone Marrow Cleansing Water, that is for our Cabello family, and it is really considered a treasure, mainly because there are not many a year. You actually want to steal it for them to use?”

Daniella then said: “Big sister, you must not tell Dad, after all, people like Jack are so good to us, and moreover, his mother and father-in-law can not cultivate. They are past the best period of cultivation, only our treasures can help them, let’s help!

Helena then helplessly shook her head, then said: “Well, even if I said not to help, would it change your mind? You have promised them, what else can you do?”

Daniella immediately took Helena’s hand and with a pleasing face: “You are the very best big sister to me!”

Daniella suddenly thought of something and said to Helena: “Right, big sister, now the two young masters of the Hunt family are dead, and the three young masters of the Norman family are also dead. This is good, these guys liked to pester you, especially the second young master of the Hunt family, he was the most annoying one. Now he is dead, you will no longer be afraid of them pestering you!”

“Yes!” Helena also had an emotional face: “Thanks to Jack. I didn’t expect that Jack would take care of these guys in the competition!”

Daniella pursed her red lips, and her big beautiful eyes turned to Helena and said, “Sister, then, since this Young Master Hunt is dead, you’re not afraid anymore, are you? So, your fake relationship with Jack, when will it end? When do you plan to break up with him? By then, everyone will know that you broke up, so you won’t be afraid of Young Master Hunt pestering you, right?”

Helena looked at Daniella, poked her in the head with her finger, and then gave her a white look and said, “Why are you so anxious? We’ve only been a fake couple for a short time, it’s still not a good idea to announce the breakup now, right? Although the Second Young Master Hunt died, but, if Master Hunt knew that Jack and I broke up so quickly, he would definitely suspect that we were playing his son, and he may be more resentful of us!”

Speaking of which, Helena paused before continuing, “I think we will wait a little longer, and after a while it will all fade away, and then we can announce it!”

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