No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1446

After hearing this, Lily fiercely roared, feeling that she was about to go crazy in general. Originally, she thought when her father broke through, through this competition, they would make the White family lose a lot of rank. However, she did not expect there would be such a result like this.

If this is the truth, how can she take revenge?

She, through this period of recuperation, began to start cultivating again. But by now, she is only a third rank martial artist. Such a cultivation, compared with her previous level, is very low. But is is better than nothing.

“Hey, daughter, your father has also tried his best, I also want to avenge you, but in this current situation, I’m afraid there is no way. After all, the White family got so many benefits, so they will certainly be well cultivated and improve a lot!” Trenton sighed, looking at his suffering daughter, his heart was unbearable.

“Why? Why is the heavens so unfair? In the beginning, we helped the White family so much, and now, it’s ending up like this?”

“The position of the heir of the White family should have belonged to my son, my son Lance, must not be dead yet, he must still be alive. Dad, I want revenge, I must take revenge, I also want to find my son!” Lily had tears in her eyes and her heart was full of resignation.

Trenton sighed again: “Daughter, your feelings, of course, Dad can understand. But, now with this situation, there is really no way, unless, unless I can break through to the Ultimate God Realm!”

Trenton said, his eyes lit up, with some excitement in his heart. yes, if he can break through to the Ultimate God Level cultivation, then he will be able to easily kill Nash, Jack and others. Ultimate God Level cultivation, that is the next realm. The aura in the body will be thicker, it is said that people with Ultimate God Level cultivation, one can defeat several strong people at the peak of the True God realm.

“Ultimate God Realm?”

Lily heard, but said with a bitter smile: “Unfortunately, this cultivation is completely a legend, whether it exists is unknown!”

“No, there must be this cultivation, there must be and we also have some clues! Because, that formation that was repaired by Jared Hunt, at the end of the game, in the sky there was actually a pattern like a map!”

“So, we suspect that it was a map to the seven dangerous places, and the Ultimate God Realm must be connected somehow!” After thinking about it, Trenton again told Lily all these things one by one.

“There are only seven dangerous places, a total of Eight Shadow Families. When the time comes, we, the second-class families, and those third-class families should be allowed to follow the Eight Shadow Families in!”

Lily listened, but frowned: “If that is the case, won’t the White family people go in and seize the first opportunity? If They break through first instead, when they come out, they definitely won’t tell us the method, so how else can we take revenge then?”

“Because, the Hunt family has already said, when the time comes, even if the other families do not agree, the Hunt family will certainly agree. not to mention, we now have a good relationship with the Hunt family, they will certainly also take us!”

Trenton fist clenched, then said, “I must seize the first opportunity, not only to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, I have to break through earlier, break through faster, when the time comes, I want to be the first person to break through to the Ultimate God Realm and help you to take revenge!”

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