No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1450

In Lily’s heart, she was even more furious.

Previously, in the Lagorio family, she was high above the thousand golden girls. Since childhood, she had been spoiled by her parents.

Even after marrying out, the White family had become a first-class family. Her status was so high above, many people had to look at her mood before acting.

Never thought that one day, there would be these sect disciples of the demi-god Realm that would despise her.

“You ……”

Lily was so angry that she gritted her teeth, and her face looked ugly.

“Eldest Miss, we’d better go!”

The eighth elder took a look, afraid that Lily couldn’t control her emotions. He was afraid that afterwards, she would offend these disciples of the Divine King Sect, that would be troublesome.

Although his cultivation level was quite high, these few disciples of the Divine King Sect were not his opponents.

However, once the other party makes a move, surely the strongest people inside the sect will hear it and will come, and then it will be a problem.

The power behind the other side is too powerful, not to mention that this is the other side’s headquarters. A sect has tens of thousands of disciples, daring to come here to cause trouble, is obviously no different from looking for death!

“You what you? Could it be that this young lady is still not convinced?”

The disciple of the Divine King Sect, coldly smiled, hands clasped in front of his chest, then said, “Look at you woman, you are also more than forty years old, although the body is not bad, maintenance is also good. But I do not like to be polite with aunts like you. Haha, if you were a beautiful young beauty, perhaps, our attitude would be a little better!”


The other few people heard that, one by one, they also followed and laughed.

Lily exhaled heavily, swallowed the anger, and only then smiled at the other party, “Oh, this little friend has really good eyesight, a glance can see through my age, really powerful enough!”

Speaking of which, she again gave the other party a blank glance, then said, “Little brother, we do not need to see your elders or your patriarch. How about this, you see if there is a guardian who speaks well or something? Let us meet with him, how about it?”

After being praised by Lily, the man seemed to be in a better mood.

However, the other party still smiled and said, “This is the Divine King Clan, even a guardian can’t be met by just anyone, our guardians here are basically in the middle of the True God Realm and early True God Realm powerhouses.

Lily immediately winked at the eighth elder on the side, signaling him to take something.

The eighth elder was stunned and quickly reacted, then with a flip of his palm, he took out a first grade high grade spirit herb and said to the man, “Little friend, I hope you can help us out and give us a briefing, as for whether the other party sees it or not, that’s a matter of time, right?”

The man’s eyes lit up when he saw the spirit grass.

However, he quickly said, “There are five of us here, what do you mean by taking one spiritual grass? How can we share it? What kind of joke is that? Are you looking down on our people?”

The corner of the Lagorio family’s Eighth elder’s mouth immediately twitched a few times, his heart was very upset, but he also knew the truth was that these little kids are difficult to deal with, and with a flip of his palm, he took out four more first-grade spirit grasses, “I hope you guys don’t mind!

The five disciples on the other side looked at each other and were slightly pleased.

The man from before, then flew over, took the spirit herbs, and then one person gave one to share.

“This way, seeing that you guys have come a long way, it is also quite hard, I’ll let someone go to inform our Grand Protector, do you have any need to bring a message?” The man smiled, and then agreed.

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