No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1451

Lily immediately said, “Please tell your Grand Protector that we want to see your Master, because we know some news about the Ultimate God Realm!”

“Ultimate God Realm!”

Several disciples were shocked at hearing this. This legend, they had naturally heard of it, but, all this time, they hadn’t found any clues.

Unexpectedly, this time Lily came, actually to talk about this matter.

“Quinn, I think it’s better for you to take them to see the First Elder directly. I believe that after hearing this, the First Elder will definitely be willing to take them to see the Sovereign, and I’m afraid that the person who is the Grand Protector will also look for the First Elder first when he finds out!”

The man frowned. became serious, and said to a man in a green long shirt on the side.

“Good, you two, come with me!”

The male disciple called Quinn, immediately nodded and beckoned to the duo of Lily and the Eighth Elder.

The Eighth Elder and Lily looked at each other, and with a joy in their hearts, they immediately followed them.

After the three flew a bit farther away, one of the female disciples, then asked the man before, “Brother, this clue of the Ultimate God Realm has not been found. Even the people of our four ancient sects are secretly looking for clues with no news. These two people’s words, do you think they are reliable?”

The man called David, then coldly smiled and said, “I think it should be reliable, if not, then wouldn’t they be looking for death? This is the Divine King Sect, is it a place where they can come over and fool people? Besides, we brought them over and one of us got a first grade high grade spirit herb, that can’t be bad for us in any way!”

“Hey, hey, what Brother David said is right!”

The woman immediately laughed heatedly.

At this moment, the First Elder of the Divine King Sect, was leisurely drinking tea and sunbathing inside a courtyard, with a head of white hair and a long beard, looking like he gave people a general feeling of immortal bones.

He just put the cup of tea on the stone table aside and frowned fiercely, twisted his head and gently glanced at the three people who walked in the door, with a few moments of displeasure in his eyes.

“Quinn, who are these two? This is the First Elder’s residence, don’t bring just anyone to me, got it?”

Before Quinn could say anything, the First Elder was not tired of taking a stand and said.

“First Elder, if it was a normal matter, I definitely wouldn’t have brought these two people to you, but today this matter, I believe you must be interested, that’s why I brought them in!”

Quinn immediately stepped forward and said with an arching hand.

“Is that so?”

The First Elder sneered, “Tell me, if I’m not interested, these two outsiders, I can just kill them.”

Once Lily and the eighth elder of the Lagorio family heard this, the corners of their mouths slightly twitched a few times, this First Elder of the Divine King Sect, was too domineering.

“Greetings to the First Elder, I am the daughter of the head of the Lagorio family of the hidden families, Trenton Lagorio. Today I have come, indeed, to inform you that I want to meet your patriarch! So……”

Lily immediately respectfully arched her hand, slightly bowed and said with incomparable solemnity.

The other party frowned, a little angry, “What do you mean? What do you mean? I can’t solve it, that we must go and disturb our Sovereign? You have a lot of guts!”

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