No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1453

“First Elder, these two are?”

Divine King Sect Master, also a white-haired old man, also looked very old. He could only be like those past patriarchs who could only quietly wait for death if they couldn’t break through to the Ultimate God Realm.

This vice patriarch however, looks quite a bit younger, estimated to be in his forties or fifties and looks quite refreshed.

The First Elder slightly arched his hand before saying, “Master, this is the second-class Lagorio family head’s daughter, and this is their Eighth Elder. This time, I came to tell you about an important matter, a matter of great importance, so I had to bring them before you!”

“Is that so? Let’s hear it! It’s been boring enough lately, and I wonder, what is something interesting!”

The Divine King Clan Master lightly glanced at Lily and slowly spoke.

Originally he thought that Lily would definitely tell the matter directly.

However, she arched her hand and said, “I’ve met the Sovereign Lord, this time the matter is of great importance. If I tell this news, I’m afraid that the people of the Shadow families will not be happy. This is fine to tell you guys, just ……”

The Divine King Sect’s patriarch, once he heard this, he immediately understood Lily’s meaning.

He smiled lightly and said, “If you want to benefit, it is possible, but it depends on you, if this information is worth the price!”

He paused before continuing, “If it’s not worth the price, I’m afraid you won’t get a single benefit, and you won’t be able to walk out of our Divine King Sect’s gates alive! After all, a person from a second-class family actually dares to make conditions with us, such a thing is not common!”

“Don’t worry, it’s definitely worth it, this is news about whether or not you guys can break through to the Ultimate God Realm, and, this time, it’s accurate.”

Lily smiled, and then again, “My requirements are not high, just five hundred second-grade intermediate spiritual herbs and some other pills. Regarding the pills, it’s up to you!”

“First lady…”

The Eighth Elder at her side was shocked. This Eldest Miss was also too bold, actually daring to propose such a condition. This condition is too overboard as well. Although to the Divine King Clan, they can certainly do it, but they are so high above us that if they were not happy with it they would just kill us!

However, Lily was unconcerned, seemingly not hearing, and continued to seriously look at the Divine King Clan’s Master in front of her.

“No problem, now you can speak!”

After thinking for a while, the old man finally nodded. This point of benefit is actually really nothing if one can break through to the Ultimate God Realm.

Besides, no one else came to tell them this news, and this Lagorio family’s first lady came, which means that this family perhaps, is indeed lacking these cultivation resources as well.

Lily’s heart was happy, and only then did she tell the few people in front of her all about the situation.

After the Divine King Clan Master listened, the corner of his mouth hooked up a cold smile.

“I really didn’t expect that the people of your first-class families, who are quite clever, actually restored all the ancient formations. since it is something shown on top of the ancient formations, with some kind of indication, I think, this time from the seven great dangerous lands, I should be able to get certain clues!”

The Divine King Clan patriarch nodded, then said to the First Elder, “Well, First Elder, you take them down and give them the benefits she requested! This news is worth these things, for pills, give fifty first grade high grade pills, if you give less, I’m afraid this girl will say that I’m stingy!”

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