No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1454

“Great, Miss, this is a good idea, I thought that you just wanted to tell them about the matter, to muddy the water, but I did not expect to get so many benefits, so this trip was not in vain!”

From the Divine King Clan, the Eight Elder was still palpitating a bit, afraid that the other party would be unhappy and kill them. Moreover, the two secretly came here, even if they died, the family head would not know how they died.

Lily smiled blandly, then said, “Think about it, now our Lagorio family is only a second-class family, already inferior to the White family. After this competition, our Lagorio family suffered even more heavy losses, so many masters died. If we want to rise, how easy is it? When will that be?”

Speaking here, Lily paused, then said, “So, even if we do not tell the four ancient clans. When we go to that dangerous land, if there are benefits, we cannot get much. Why not secretly put out the news, so that our losses are not large and we would also get these rewards, is it not perfect?”

“Haha, Eldest Miss is really getting smarter and smarter!”

The Eighth Elder laughed out loud, “With these spiritual herbs and pills obtained this time. It’s enough for some of our Lagorio family’s masters to grow within a short period of time. so that the gap with that White Family doesn’t get bigger and bigger, and when the time comes, they can’t catch up!”

“Next, let’s go in the direction of the Supreme Clarity Sect!”

Unexpectedly, at this time, Lily was smiling lightly and said to the Eighth Elder.

“Supreme Clarity Sect? You want to go to the Supreme Clarity Sect?”

The eighth elder frowned, obviously a little surprised.

Lily sneered: “Oh, I did not say that I only sold this information to this one ancient sect. If we go to these four ancient sects one by one, would it not be better? Think about it, we are able to turn this benefit four times over, wouldn’t that be beautiful?”

“Well, this is good, this is good!”

After hearing this, the Eighth Elder immediately nodded his head.

At this time, in the middle of that Divine King Sect’s main hall. The Vice Master looked at the Master, and then gruffly said, “Master, why did you really give them those things just now, huh? There’s nothing they can do if we don’t give them, it’s just a second-class family!”

The Divine King Master smiled and shook his head, “If we don’t give them, won’t it look like we’re too petty? Besides, I’m in a good mood today. I know such good news. Think about it, if we can break through to the Ultimate God Realm, that would be great. Then after that, we can live two hundred years, have two hundred years of life. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time, and finally it’s almost here!”

“That’s true!”

The middle-aged man nodded, and soon his eyes lit up again, “So, when are we going to leave? Those first-class families are afraid of the seven dangerous places, huh, we are not that afraid. Inside our ancient clan, there are many strong people, we do not need to wait for them, right?”

Master Richard Yates, the Divine King Master, thought about it before saying, “Let’s do it this way, let the elders come over for a meeting later, then send out seven small teams to go to the dangerous lands to explore the situation.”

The middle-aged man listened to this, his heart a burst of excitement,”This is good, but I’m afraid that the people who go cannot be little, the space inside the dangerous land is huge, I’m afraid that if fewer people go, it will not work!”

Master Yates nodded,”Yes, at least a small team with two hundred people, let them leave tomorrow!”

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