No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1456

“If it’s just striking these three people, perhaps, the other party will agree to it!”

After thinking about it, the Eighth Elder could not help but nod, “After all, if one strikes out against such a large White family, it would be impossible to do so completely without leaving a trace. Once word gets out that the Four Great Ancient Sects actually struck out against a Shadow Family, this is not a good thing!”

Lily’s heart was also very clear, the four ancient clans and the shadow families have always maintained a tacit understanding.

Moreover, the four ancient clans also agreed not to interfere with the families’ affairs, and to not affect the development of the shadow families.

Although there is friction, once it is an ancient clan against a certain shadow family, the other shadow families will certainly unite together and denounce them, and maybe even go to battle with this ancient clan.

The people of the shadow family are clear. If they do not stand if something happens the first time, it may happen a second time and maybe, the next family to be destroyed is them.

Maybe, the next ancient clan might deal with them as a family, and by then, everyone would be swallowed one by one.

Therefore, the possibility of trying to convince the Ancient Sect to strike against the White family, a first-class family, was too small, and it was unlikely that the other party would agree.

However, if it is only against a few people then this becomes a possibility. If it’s only against two or three people, and if it is still inside the dangerous places, and they are killed in secret, then who has the knowledge that it was them who did it?

“Indeed, but I must try. I will first propose to let them destroy the White family, they will certainly not agree, in this case, I then take a step back, and the possibility of them agreeing will certainly be higher!” Lily smiled and finally said.

The Eighth Elder’s eyes lit up, and couldn’t help but give Lily a thumbs up, “Good, Miss, this solution is really great, I found that you are really getting smarter and smarter. Haha, I feel that this thing will definitely work!”

“It’s getting dark, let’s find a place to rest, we’ll leave tomorrow morning!”

Lily looked at the sky after, finally said.

The two of them found a small town, rested for a night. The next morning they continued to set off, heading for the location of the Cloud Sky Sect.

By noon, the two of them finally arrived outside the sect’s gate.

Again, several of the Cloudy Sky Sect’s sect disciples quickly stopped the two of them.

“Friends, we have come to find your sect master to discuss something important, and we hope to help inform him!”

The eighth elder smiled, and with a flip of his palm, he directly took out four first grade high grade pills and handed them out, “Four brothers, we just want to give some information, I wonder if it’s okay?”

The pills were all previously obtained from the Supreme Clarity Sect, so this time they are a lot more generous giving out pills.

The four disciples, whose cultivation level was not very high, took a look at such an elixir, and their eyes immediately lit up. They knew that such an elixir would be a huge help to them.

“Good good!”

One of the guys, without saying a word, snatched the pills and then gave one to each of them to share.

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