No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1458

“Heh. Sovereign Cang, I can’t help it, after all, I know that even if I am not calm, I’m still here!”

Lily laughed bitterly and added, “Besides, I believe that a person as high and mighty as Sovereign Cang should not be unable to deal with lowly people like us, right?”

“Haha, that makes sense, that makes sense!”

Master Cang again was carefully looking at Lily, his heart was more and more troubled. This woman was particularly well maintained, looked like thirty years old, and had a very good figure. Not to mention, her chest is quite large, which is his favorite type.

He could not help but sit down, and only then slowly asked, “Well, say, what’s the matter you want to bring to me?”

“Master Cang, this time I have come to tell you about the news of the Ultimate God Realm!”

Lily said indifferently.

As soon as Severus Cang heard this, his eyes lit up, and he, who had just sat down, immediately stood up in excitement, “News of Ultimate God Realm? You have news of it?”

However, he quickly found something wrong, immediately sneered, “But, if you have got the news, why did you come to tell us Cloud Sky Sect? Oh, I don’t think that you guys would be so kind!”

Lily then laughed, “Master Cang is really wise, this is all seen by you, I came all this way to reveal such a piece of news, naturally I need some benefit!”

“Haha, cool, just say it, how many spirit herbs, what grade of spirit herbs, how many pills? Do you need weapons or not?”

Master Cang laughed, then added, “Originally, our four ancient clans did not deal with your hidden families, for fear of bad influence. This time, since it is about the situation of the Ultimate God Realm, it is possible to make an exception!”

Lily looked at the disciple on the side, then frowned.

Master Cang was not stupid, and instantly understood what it meant, immediately waved his hand and said to that disciple, “You go out first!”

“Yes, Sovereign!”

That disciple who had led the way over before, only then did he respectfully retreat out.

When the other party had left, Master Cang then said, “Okay, you can speak now!”

Lily then said, “I don’t want any spiritual herbs, nor do I want any treasures ……”

Master Cang was stunned and somewhat surprised, “A bit interesting, then what do you need? Could it be that you are admiring me?”

Lily sweated in her heart, but still said to the other party, “Of course I admire Sovereign Cang, after all, you are the high and mighty Sovereign of the Cloud Sky Sect!”

“Haha, say it, what do you need? As long as it’s something I can do, of course it’s not a problem! After all, this news about the Ultimate God Realm is an irresistible temptation for us old men!”

Master Severus Cang once again laughed out loud.

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