No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1460

“Sovereign Cang, I also know that this will be very difficult for you, and I won’t force you. After all, if you want to destroy the White family, it will definitely be loud and powerful. So, you see if this is okay, when the time comes the White family’s people will certainly also go to one of the seven great dangerous places. When they go, I will tell you which dangerous place they go to!”

“When you go to the dangerous land, meet Nash, Jack and the First Elder Kenneth, help me kill the three of them. this should not be difficult, right? In that kind of place, it’s already chaotic and not easy to be seen, just kill these three people. it’s definitely not a problem!”

Lily deliberately pretended to think for a while, then only then did she speak out her thoughts. “as long as the three of them die, and subsequently our Lagorio family strikes against their White family. then we can definitely win, and if we have a fight among the hidden families, it won’t affect you guys much, right?”

“Makes sense!” Master Cang nodded. then looked at the Lagorio family’s eighth elder again, before saying to the eighth elder, “However, there is something that I still want to discuss with Eldest Miss. I also hope that this elder of yours, can go wait for you outside. There is a big banyan tree outside the main hall, you can wait for your Eldest Miss there!”

The Lagorio family’s eighth elder was dumbfounded, not knowing why the other party would suddenly send him out. But he didn’t dare to disobey, so he could only nod and after arching his hand, he immediately walked out with big steps.

Lily also frowned, not knowing what this old man wanted.

She looked at the other party before saying, “Master Cang, I don’t know why you’ve suddenly sent out my aide. He’s the eighth elder of our family, he’s one of our own. what happened here just now, he already knows. There’s really no need to send him away.”

“Haha, beauty, how do you know that there is no such need?”

Master Cang then grabbed Lily by the waist and forcibly pulled her close to him.

“You ……”

Lily immediately became angry and gave a hateful look to Severus Cang. She felt disgusted. After all this is an old man and she has no feelings for him at all.

But, after all, he is one of the four ancient sect patriarch’s. His combat level is so much higher than most people’s, much less hers. With her combat level as it is now she is definitely not an opponent to him. Understanding this, she gritted her teeth and dared not to say anything more.

“Now do you think that was necessary?”

Master Cang smiled coldly and smelled her body with a look of enjoyment. “Ah, your body is really fragrant. This old man has fallen in love with you at first sight!”

Lily thought of her hatred, and then the anger on her face quickly disappeared. She gave Master Cang a blank look and then deliberately said: “Master Cang, your status is so high, how could you like me like this? If you want to find a woman, you can find a younger female disciple.”

“Haha, they are too young, and I’m too old. I would even be embarrassed to try. My few wives, some of them are also old. I prefer a woman with taste like you! Besides, in my opinion, many young women are not as good-looking as you!”

Master Cang looked down at her and could not help but want to kiss her. “You want me to agree to help you kill those three people, that is not a difficult thing. It’s just that if I go against someone from a Shadow family, I am still afraid of the repercussions from the rest of them. So you must promise me to hold up to your conditions, and then I can promise to help you!”

“Then okay, I’ll tell you about the way to break through to the Ultimate God Realm in a moment, and serve you well one time, okay?”

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