No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1461

Lily deliberately gave a shy face and winked at him.

“I’m afraid that is not what I want!” However, unexpectedly, Master Cang actually said directly, “I plan to marry you and make you my ninth wife. Of course, you also have to accompany me first, so that I can taste you beforehand!”

“Ninth wife?” Upon hearing this, the corner of Lily’s mouth immediately twitched slightly a few times. how could she have imagined that he actually wanted to take her as his ninth wife.

In her heart, she was actually very reluctant, marrying such a bad old man. it was not something that would be honorable if word got out. Moreover, once she married him, there was no telling how many people would gossip behind her back.

After all, she and Master Cang did not know each other before. If they suddenly married each other, many would obviously say it’s for the status that she would get.

However, she thought of killing Jack and Nash and wanting revenge. But she also thought that in the future to become the ninth wife, she will be able to let a lot of experts of the Cloud Sky Sect to help find her son. In her heart she made her decision.

“Okay, I can promise you!” Lily nodded: “But, since I am going to become your ninth wife, I hope you will announce it to the public then and invite many people to our wedding, how about that?”

“Haha, a must, a must! As soon as you return, I’ll come over in a couple of days to propose the marriage, how’s that?”

Master Cang burst into laughter, his heart was overjoyed, he hugged Lily and headed to the room inside. “Come on, baby, let’s take a bath first, when we are in bed later, you can tell me again about this breakthrough to Ultimate God Realm, okay?”

“Okay!” Lily nodded but, in her heart she was speechless. If she had known this, she would not have told the Supreme Clarity Sect and the Divine King Sect about the breakthrough to Heavenly Cultivation. she would have just told the Cloud Sky Sect.

When the time comes and she becomes the ninth wife, the Cloud Sect can help her to eradicate Nash and Jack and White family elders. by then the White family will basically be finished.

Subsequently, they can give the Lagorio family some resources through the Cloud Sky Sect. Leaving the Lagorio family to grow up, become a first-class family. Maybe in a few years, they can also become the strongest of the Eight Shadow Families, directly over what the Hunt family is.

Thinking of this, Lily was carried to her room by Master Cang. She seemed to have seen a bright future in her heart.

“Hey, these two, what the heck are they talking about? Why haven’t they come out yet?”

Under the big banyan tree outside that big hall, the Lagorio family’s eighth elder had waited for a long time and was already a little worried in his heart.

However, he can’t rush in recklessly, he can only stay outside here, quietly waiting.

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