No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1462

The Eighth Elder of the Lagorio family was quietly waiting and after a while, Lily came out.

“Well? The other side should have agreed, right? What does he mean by leaving the two of you alone? What’s the matter that needs to be discussed alone?”

Seeing Lily come out, the Eighth Elder hurriedly greeted her, his heart full of doubts.

Lily was in a somewhat complicated mood. having just been tormented by an old man, she still felt a bit nauseous in her heart.

She looked at the Eighth Elder and said, “Let’s leave first, I’ll talk to you later!”


The Eighth Elder frowned and seemed to sense that Lily was in a bad mood, so he didn’t dare to ask more questions and took the flying carpet out. The two of them jumped on it and went straight into the distance.

Only after they flew far away did the Eighth Elder ask, “Miss, are we still going to the Flying Eagle Sect?”

Lily, who originally did not want to go, after thinking about it, actually said, “Go, it went smoothly anyway. Secondly, we can always use more materials and since the other three sects also know about it, there is no harm in having one more!”

“Haha, Eldest Miss is right, we naturally do need the benefits!!” After hearing this, the Eighth Elder also laughed out loud.

Only then did Lily say, “Eighth Elder, don’t you want to know what Master Cang left me behind for? Anyway, sooner or later you will know, I will tell you now. this old man fell in love with me at first sight! He intends to marry me and make me his Ninth Wife!”

“Ninth Wife?”

The Eighth Elder was obviously a bit surprised when he heard that, and frowned before asking, “So, what do you mean, Miss? You don’t really plan to marry him right? This guy is so old, this is like an old cow eating young grass!”

Lily looked ahead and smiled lightly, “In a few days, he will come to our Lagorio family to propose marriage. To develop a relationship with one of the four ancient sects, the Cloud Sky Sect, this is a great thing. This is a great thing for the future development of our Lagorio family. Moreover, the other party has also promised to help us get rid of the White family’s Nash, Jack and Kenneth!”

“Oh!” The Eighth Elder sighed, “Miss, you really sacrificed too much for our Lagorio family!”

But Lily smiled sagely, “No matter, it will help us to take revenge and destroy the White family. The most crucial thing is that I will be the Ninth Wife from now on. Think about it, before, those disciples of the four ancient sects, they all looked down on us. In the future, they will have to kneel down when they see me. How will that feel? I think this is not a bad thing!”

“Well, if you can think like that, that’s good. I was afraid that you would feel aggrieved in your heart!” The Eighth Elder nodded and once again accelerated his speed.

This time, the trip to the Flying Eagle Sect was likewise very smooth, and soon told the other party everything and got the benefits.

Of course, Lily also told them that the people of the Shadow Families may still have more than twenty days before they will leave.

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