No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1463

“Master Lagorio, this first lady has been out for several days, why hasn’t she come back yet? Where did she go to take a break?” In the Lagorio family, the housekeeper couldn’t help but ask Trenton.

“No matter where she went, as long as she went for a break, that’s a good thing. Hopefully, she can come back in a better mood this time!”

Trenton smiled bitterly, and said to the housekeeper: “Recently, everyone is working hard on cultivation, right? There are not many days away from the Cabello family meeting. In fact, meeting or not, We will certainly go to the seven dangerous places! So our people must improve some cultivation. After all, it is very dangerous, there are some demonic beasts, and they are comparable to the late True God realm, or even the peak of the True God realm!”

Trenton paused before continuing: “After all, if I went in, I’m afraid I may not even come out alive!”

The housekeeper nodded, and then said. “Don’t worry, everyone is working hard to cultivate. but this time if you go, you must at least be at the demi-god realm cultivation, otherwise, you will be sent to certain death!”

Just at this time, both of them saw, in the distant sky, a flying carpet slowly coming over this way.

“Master, look, it’s Eldest Miss and the Eighth Elder, they’re back!” The butler immediately pointed ahead and said.

Soon, the flying carpet flew over, and the two jumped down from it.

As soon as Lily jumped down, she immediately threw a ring to Trenton: “Dad, there are a lot of pills and spiritual herbs here, enough for our Lagorio family people to cultivate for a period of time, moreover, those pills can make some family disciples to improve their cultivation for a short time!”

Trenton froze in place, looked carefully at the ring and could not help but suck in a breath of cold air: “No way? So many? What’s going on here? My God! daughter, where did you get these cultivation resources? Where have you been?”

“No way?” The housekeeper also immediately came over, snatched the things over and took a look. He sucked in a breath of cold air, and was really frightened: “Missy, this, these treasures, how did you get them?”

“Dad, I told, I told all the four ancient sects about the Ultimate God Realm!”

Lily’s words shocked the two men.

“Daughter, you, you are really confused. How can you tell the people of the four ancient sects? This is a chance for us, the hidden families, to turn around! If you do this, do you think we can still get any benefit?”

Trenton slapped his thigh, so angry that his voice trembled: “I would rather not have these cultivation resources! I do not want to tell such news to the Four Great Ancient Clans. Moreover, we all have a tacit agreement: do not tell the Four Great Ancient Clans. If the other hidden families know that it was us who told them, will they not hate us? At that time, I’m afraid that our relationship with all the hidden families will not be too good!”

“Dad, you’re thinking too much!”

Lily however, smiled coldly. “We are only a second-class family, do you think we can get much benefit if we don’t tell the truth? Even if there are benefits, when the time comes, it will be the Eight Shadow Families that will divide it up first, right? What is the method to break through to the Ultimate God Realm, no one knows. in case it is some kind of spiritual fruit, and there are only eight of them? Do you think the people of the first-class family will share it with us?”

Speaking here, Lily paused, hands behind her back: “By then, not only will we get nothing, the gap with the White family will continue to widen. So to tell or not tell the four ancient clans, for us, it does not make much difference!”

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