No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1465


Trenton almost fainted. that the patriarch of the Cloud Sect, that is older than him by a few years, would actually become his son-in-law?

He took two steps back and could not catch his breath for a while, but he was not stupid and soon understood his daughter’s good intentions.

He even knew that this matter had already been decided. He could not change it, and if he did not agree, it would be a disagreement with the Cloud Sky Sect.

When the time comes, the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect would come with many strong people to propose marriage and to give the bride price. He can not turn them away. If you don’t give face to the Cloud Sky Sect, aren’t you looking for death?

“Well, since this matter is decided, and you are compatible, I have no problem!”

Finally, Trenton stood up and said with a light smile. “With the backing of the Cloud Sky Sect, even if people from other hidden families know that this matter is spread out by us, I’m afraid they won’t dare to act recklessly. If they don’t give us a face, then they have to give face to the Cloud Sky Sect, right?”

“That’s for sure! From now on, I’ll be the ninth wife from on high!”

Lily’s fist clenched: “Cultivating in a place like the Cloudy Sky Sect, that’s definitely going to improve. I believe that one day, my cultivation level will be able to quickly improve up to my previous level. Maybe even stronger!”

“Hey, if you marry to the Cloud Sky Sect, you must also keep a low profile. your cultivation is now low, and you’re the youngest, I’m afraid of the eight wives in front of you, maybe they will bully you!” Trenton quickly thought of something, and admonished Lily.

“Bully me?” Lily coldly smiled: “I am not so easy to bully! Those women, if they dare to bully me, I will definitely make them pay the price later! Moreover, when I become the Ninth Wife, I can also use the power of the Cloud Sky Sect to find Lance in the future!”

Seeing that Lily still couldn’t let go of Lance and still felt that Lance wasn’t dead, Trenton didn’t know how to comfort her and could only nod his head.

“Just, the White family has so many people, even if you married Cang and they help you destroy the White family, aren’t you afraid that the other families will unite and demand a statement?” After a moment of silence, Trenton once again said with some concern.

“Don’t worry, dad, we have already discussed this. They will not directly strike at the White family. I only need their people, when inside the dangerous land, to help me to kill Nash, Jack and Kenneth. As long as these three top experts of the White family die, the rest of the White family people are not a problem!”

“What’s more, don’t we have a good relationship with the Trevino family and the Hunt family now? When the time comes, if you can pull them both together, go to the White family to casually kill the rest. Then the White family will be completely destroyed!” Lily confidently said, it seems that everything is under control.

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