No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1466

“In that case, it will indeed work!” Trenton was finally free of worries and nodded in satisfaction.

Finally, he took two steps forward, stroked Lily’s hair, and said with a lot of emotion: “Daughter, you have grown up, and you can think about things. Only for the sake of the Lagorio family, you have sacrificed too much!”

“Dad, what nonsense are you talking about ? I think this Cang will be quite good. Although I heard that this guy likes women, in other aspects, as a person he is still good. In the future, I will marry him and our Lagorio family will have nothing to fear!” Lily tried to make herself look like she was full of confidence.

Trenton nodded his head and finally said. “Good, you’ve worked hard, go and rest. I’ll call the elders to a meeting later, then let everyone divide these cultivation resources and have everyone begin to cultivate!”

Sure enough, at noon the next day, the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect came with several elders. After he came, he sent a generous amount of cultivation resources as a bride price, and directly engaged the marriage, which was scheduled for seven days later.

Another two days passed. seeing that only twelve days remained before the agreed day to go to the Cabello family, the people of the White family, also at this time, received the invitation.

The elders, as well as Jack, and steward Titus and others, were all called to the council hall. looking at Nash who had a grave face, the First Elder Kenneth couldn’t help but open his mouth and ask. “Master White, what is it?”

Everyone could tell from the gloomy look on Nash’s face that there was something rather big going on. otherwise they wouldn’t have called all of them, the important people, over when everyone was busy cultivating.

“Dad, it can’t be something wrong, right? Could it be that someone from the Hunt family set out early and went to the Seven Great Dangerous Lands and has already obtained the method to break through to the Ultimate God Realm?” Jack quickly thought of a possibility and frowned, his face a little ugly.

If that was really the case, then it would be troublesome. After all, he was the one who killed the two young masters of that Hunt family, there were only a few people who could make the Hunt’s suspect himself and Helena who were the most suspected.

So, sooner or later, the other side will find themselves and others in trouble. Jack naturally hopes that someone from his White family will break through to the Ultimate God Realm first, otherwise if the other side breaks through first, then I’m afraid there will be trouble.

“This is not it. The seven dangerous places are very large, no one knows how deep it goes. The Hunt family also dare not act rashly!”

Nash smiled bitterly, then picked up an invitation and handed it to Jack: “Take a look, one of the Four Ancient Sects, the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect, is going to marry a ninth wife, and asked us to go to his wedding banquet!”

“What? This old man, who has eight wives, actually wants to find another wife?”

When the first elder heard this, he was shocked, but quickly laughed: “Master White, it’s nothing, right? If he gets married, he gets married. Although we have to waste some time to go over for dinner, it’s nothing, just a meal! People from other clans are definitely going to be there, and people from several other sects will also attend, right? After all, they have to give respect to the patriarch of the Cloud Sky Sect.”

“Yes, Master White, this is nothing, right? He’s just getting married. This old pervert, he is so old yet he actually wants to marry a ninth wife!” Another elder, too, laughed.

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