No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1469

Jack nodded his head and decided.

“With such an alchemist like you, in the future, our White family, it is impossible to think of not being strong!”

Nash looked at Jack and couldn’t say how satisfied he was in his heart.

The crowd quickly dispersed and Jack went back to refining pills.

After knowing the situation, Selena and the others also felt a little worried for Jack. After all, in the future, this woman Lily will be the ninth wife of the Cloud Sky Sect. It is possible that she will do something afterwards.

However, Selena couldn’t help but feel the urgency of the situation. In order not to hold back Jack, she started cultivating harder.

Jack was busy with alchemy, which left the two guests Daniella and Helena feeling a little bored. When they had nothing to do, they went to play around with Kylie.

Finally, in the morning of the third day, when Jack came out of the alchemy room, both of them found Jack.

“Jack, my sister and I have thought about it. We also want to go with you to Cloudy Sky Sect’s wedding!”

Seeing Jack, Daniella immediately said with a faint smile.

“You guys are going too? This can’t be, it’s too dangerous, that Lily is married to that old man just to deal with us. When we come back, we are worried that there will be an ambush on the way!”

Once Jack heard that, he immediately waved his hand.

“Don’t worry, my sister and I have thought about it. they definitely won’t ambush you guys on the way there. On the way back, it is possible, so we’ll follow you there, and not follow you back!”

Daniella gave Jack a glance, then again, “They must have invited our Cabello family. My father and the others will certainly also go. My sister and I will follow you guys when you go and then we will go back to the Cabello family with my father and the others. After all, once you guys come back, you will be preparing to leave for the Cabello family after a while.”

Helena also laughed, “We have been over here for a few days and playing around. However, your White family people are all desperately cultivating, and this has influenced me and my sister, who feel that we are wasting time over here. We also want to head for the seven great dangers, so, after we go to the wedding, we will head back to the Cabello family and cultivate well! Strive to improve some strength!”

“In that case, that’s fine!”

Jack nodded after hearing this, and at this time, Lancelot and Titus, both of them also walked in from outside.

“Hey, the two beauties are also here, would it be inappropriate for us to come at this time?” Once Lancelot looked, he joked with a smile.

“Oh, you two came just in time, I was waiting for you!”

Jack flipped his palm and four pills appeared in his palm, “Two pills for each of you! You guys, even if just one of you breaks through, our White family’s combat power can increase by a lot. Although there may not be as many people with late and middle True God realm cultivation as the Hunt family, but, people with peak True God realm cultivation, we can’t afford to be short of.”

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