No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1472

As he was free, Jared had been deep in his own thoughts during the past couple of days.

Not many were in that category of those who could kill his sons, especially his eldest son, Cloud Hunt

He initially held the belief that Helena and Jack were in on it together, but he knew that although Helena had the same fighting prowess as his eldest son, her combat power was definitely not above his eldest son’s. Coupled with the fact that Jack had a low fighting prowess, the possibility of them defeating his sons was not great.

That suspicion of his resurfaced and only grew, however, as he noticed Jack’s ultimate-grade spiritual tool

After all, his sons did not offend any other prodigies from other families. They would not have dared to kill his sons even if a fight happened inside.

Jack and Helena, on the other hand, had an altercation against Chet before the competition started. After they entered the area, they must have worked together to kill Chet while Cloud was killed possibly due to his carelessness when avenging his brother. It was also possible that Jack and Helena had some other vicious actions.

Of course, these were only his suspicions. Apart from that, he did not have reason to take action even if he had proof that Jack was indeed the killer.

He thought about it and said to Nash, “Master White, the bride of this wedding is your ex-wife. Any thoughts about this?”

Many of the elders and other members of the Hunt family had weird expressions on their faces after they heard what he said. After all, such a thing was no doubt an embarrassing incident

However, they also knew that Nash had no choice but to attend this wedding as he was the White’s family master. The one who invited them was the pavilion master of the Four Ancient Sects, and not attending the wedding after the invitations were sent would mean not honoring him.

“Haha… What sort of thoughts can I have? I’m no longer married to Lily right now, and we might be enemies, so whoever she marries has nothing to do with me.” Nash smiled bitterly and continued to say to Karima, “On the contrary, Master Hunt also knew that the Four Ancients Clans had never interfered with our family affairs. If Lily wants to take advantage of the ancient clan to fight against the White family, I hope that everyone from the hidden families will condemn such an act with one voice.”

The family master of the Tudor family, Karima Tudor, agreed with Nash as she spoke, “Yes, we can’t allow them to set such a precedent. Once they wipe out one of our families and nobody from the other hidden families step forward or unite together, more and more of such things would happen in the future. We can even be the next targets!”

Jared nodded. “I agree with what you both have said – we mustn’t allow them to set such a precedent. It’ll be terrible if something like that happened. Any contradictions between us hidden families need to be settled internally, and what happens between the Four Ancients Clans should be settled by themselves. If the Four Ancients Clans plan to pick on us, then we, the hidden families, need to unite and defeat them unanimously.”

“Indeed. We’re relieved to hear this from Master Hunt!” beamed Karima.


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