No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1474

Everybody understood clearly in their hearts that there would be an undeniable, vast change in the situation if everybody managed to find out how to break through into the ultimate god level.

Undoubtedly, the first person to break through into the ultimate god level was the luckiest of all.

For example, some elder of a random family who broke through into the Ultimate God Realm could easily kill their family master and seize the family master position if they so wanted.

“Alright, let’s go!” Jared was in that same haze, unable to foresee their future. With that, he waved his hand and everybody went flying toward the plaza in the center

Everybody could see from afar that the plaza was filled with people standing; rather densely packed it was.

Only a few like the Tudors and Hunts brought about one or two dozen people to attend the wedding. Some families even brought a couple of dozen people over to congratulate the Master of the Cloud Sky Sect.

After presenting their gifts, Nash and the others found a place to sit down for the time being.

As there were too many people and those making the registration of gifts had already done their job, he did not want to appear too conspicuous as his attendance was enough. He could leave after the meal.

Alas, he could not stay hidden as many members of other families spotted him. Some of them even started whispering among themselves, more so about him and Lily’s old relationship.

Soon, the master of the Divine Kings Sect arrived with his members. The person in charge of recording the gifts announced loudly while making his entry, “Master of the Divine Kings Sect, Master Yates, comes with members of the Divine Kings Sect to pay their respects. He presents ten second-grade intermediate pills and fifty second-grade premium spirited grass…”

“That’s the master of the Divine Kings Sect? He’s truly unusual. He’s incomparable to others for having such spirit with his old age!” This was the first time for many elders of the other families to see the master of the Divine Kings Sect, and his appearance once again caused a wave of commotion.

“Haha… Welcome, welcome! Master Yate’s appearance has truly brought light to our Cloud Sky Sect!” Joel, who was initially conversing with the master of the Soaring Eagles sect, happily went toward him with his wives upon his arrival.

“Haha… Master Cang, you’re being too modest. We don’t talk like this between us!” Master Yates smiled and looked at Lily before speaking, “This must be the ninth madam, yes? Master Cang truly has a good eye. She is no doubt an incredibly beautiful lady!” It was obvious Master Yates did not want to expose that Lily went looking for him initially and told him news about the Ultimate God Realm, so he purposely pretended to have only met Lily for the first time during the conversation.

Lily rolled her eyes flirtatiously at him as chuckles spilled through her lips. “Haha…! Oh, please, stop pulling my leg, Master Yates. I’m definitely not a beauty at my age. I fell in love with Master Cang at first sight and, well, we quickly hit it off!”

“Remarkable! You’re such a remarkable woman!” praised Master Yates smilingly.

As a thought occurred to him, Master Cang then looked left and right. “By the way, I heard just now that the master of the White family is also here?”

With that, Lily started to scan the crowd of attendees.

She eventually discovered that Nash, Jack, and the others sat at a corner, chit-chatting with Karima and the others.


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