No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1475

Lily pointed to a direction and, though inwardly angry, spoke smilingly, “Honey, aren’t they over there? That guy must be embarrassed!”

Master Cang smiled before he turned to members of the Divine Kings Sect and said, “Everybody, sit or go everywhere you wish. The dinner will start in a short while. It’s been a busy day, and I hope that everybody will forgive us if there have been some hospitality issues!”

“Haha… Go do your thing, you old bridegroom!” Master Yates laughed before leading his people over to a side.

Only then did Master Cang lead his company toward Nash.

Walking up to him. Master Cang then began as he smiled at Nash,’ Master White, the two of us haven’t met for the past seven or eight years, have we now?”

“Indeed, Master Cang. Congratulations!” Nash gave an awkward smile as he gestured with his hands.

Those around them slowly turned toward them, one by one, and the atmosphere grew rather solemn then.

“Really?” Master Cang pulled Lily closer toward him and hugged her by the waist in front of Nash before he spoke, “I heard that this beautiful lady was once your First Madam. Sigh! Why didn’t you know how to cherish such beauty? Haha…! Since you don’t know how to cherish her, I’ll do it for you from now on!”

Jack, who stood beside, was stunned silent at the old man’s behavior. He had the audacity to come up bragging to his father and run his mouth to anger him.

However, he was only a family master’s inheritor, and he knew he was in no position to speak. All Jack could do, thus, was watch on as he looked at his father.

Nash was just as enraged, though he managed to come up with a smile as he replied, “Yes, yes, yes… This woman almost killed me before, secretly poisoning me, and I just can’t handle it! I dare not cherish her at all!”

Nash paused here before he continued to speak, “However, I believe Master Cang isn’t afraid of being poisoned or not. After all, who dares do something reckless with your fighting prowess and position? Am I right?”

The smile on Master Cang’s face immediately froze as the corners of his mouth involuntarily twitched. He then turned around and asked Lily, “ Ninth Madam, you won’t poison me, right? I’m actually somewhat worried, hearing him say that!”

Lily’s facial expression also darkened but she soon said with a smile, “Honey, how could I do that? How could I poison you when you treat me so nicely? This Nash White didn’t know how to cherish me previously, and he’s a malicious bastard, that’s why I poisoned him to kill him. I just didn’t expect his son to have great medical skills and was able to rescue him.”

Nash gritted his teeth and tightened his fists but dared not act irrationally.

Only then did Master Cang pretend to be angry as he fretted, “Sigh! Honey, how can you call him a bastard? Master White is a guest at our wedding. How can you say such a thing to our guest? It’s too rude. You need to be more aware of your choice of words next time, alright?”

“Yes, yes, yes… Don’t worry. I’ll definitely take note of this next time and won’t say the truth straightforwardly!” came Lily’s immediately, though spoken in a weird tone.

“By the way, Master White, you’re here to congratulate us, right?” Unexpectedly, Master Cang looked at Nash again at this moment. He stared at Nash as if he wanted to announce that Lily was already his woman and he had conquered her.

“Of course!” Nash smiled. “I don’t have anything with Lily, so I’m here today to greet you both!”

“Since you’re here to greet us, I’d like to hear words of blessing from you!” said Master Cang with a smile.


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