No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1476

Master Cang humiliated Nash terribly at that moment. Not only did he not honor Nash and ignored Nash’s feelings at that moment, but he even wanted Nash to grant him and Lily words of blessings for their union.

Many from the hidden families also felt that Master Cang had crossed his boundaries awfully. It was shameful enough that Nash had to attend the wedding, but they even purposely humiliated him for all eyes to see.

After he deliberated his words, Nash smiled and said, “Then I shall wish for the both of you to be happy. Live for a hundred years and prosper! Have a child soon!”

Lily immediately remembered her son when Nash mentioned having a child. The corners of her mouth twitched several times, and her expression soured a little at that.

“Haha! Ninth Madam, did you hear that? Master White is wishing for us to have a child soon. Well, I’d say we better get to work on that later on. Is it possible for me to have a child in this old age?” Master Cang laughed out loudly after he heard this, though he paused momentarily before he added, “I’m quite satisfied with your words of congratulations, Master White, but I must disagree with you about living for a hundred years old bit. What if I find the way to break through into the Ultimate God Realm someday and become a master in the Ultimate God Realm? I’d have a long life of two hundred years then!”

Many people also started laughing after they heard this.

Trenton, who was at the side, grinned as he chimed in, “Haha! Master Cang, I’m sure you hope that there will be some other fighting prowess after the Ultimate God Realm. There might be a possibility for humans to live for a thousand years, no? Won’t you be living for one thousand years by then?”

“One thousand years?” said Master Cang jokingly as he raised his eyebrows. “Just like the saying goes, ‘A tortoise lives a thousand years while the turtle lives ten thousand years.’ Master Lagorio, it doesn’t sound too nice to say something like that, no?”

“Haha.! If there really is this sort of fighting prowess, I’d rather somebody call me a thousand-year-old tortoise. How good will it be to live for one thousand years? That would be extremely powerful!” Trenton started laughing.

Master Cang then turned to the crowd and addressed them, “Alright, everybody can take a look and walk around while waiting for a short while, seeing as there are some families that have yet to come, but the celebration will start when everyone is here! Don’t be prudish; it’s my wedding today. Everybody should help themselves to drinks and food. Enjoy yourselves, alright?”

At that moment, the man in charge of recording the gifts announced, “Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect is here with the Saint Maiden and elders to congratulate…”

Upon hearing that, Master Cang led Lily and the others to greet them.

After they left, Jack frowned as he asked, “Father, who is this Saint Maiden from the Supreme Clarity Sect exactly? Why is she as well-known as the Master of the Supreme Clarity Sect? Why do they need to announce her name independently?”

Nash glanced over to that side and explained, “The Supreme Clarity Sect is different from the other three Ancient Sects. More than ninety percent of their disciples are women, and they don’t have that many male disciples. As for the Saint Maiden of the Supreme Clarity Sect, she’s the most talented one in their sect and she’s fated to be the next master. There’s a rule in the Supreme Clarity Sect that the Saint Maiden of the Supreme Clarity Sect needs to wear a veil when she goes out, and nobody is allowed to see her true features. She has to be pure and not marry anybody.”

“How’s that possible? There’s such a rule?”


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