No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1477

The information Nash told Jack flustered the latter as he glanced at the Saint Maiden from afar.

She emitted an extremely mysterious and sacred feeling as she stood among the crowd. She had on a white tulle dress and a white veil that covered the lower half of her face. Her white dress gave people an extremely pure feeling.

Although only her bright, big eyes, forehead, and long, dark hair could be seen, it would not be a stretch to say she had a rare beauty.

Unfortunately, nobody would be allowed to see the true appearance of such a beauty, and she would never marry for her entire life.

“Haha… This had been the Supreme Clarity Sect’s rules since long ago,” laughed Nash as he explained to Jack. “By the way, there’s a legend which says that the Supreme Clarity Sect has been around for thousands of years, and the same legend told that the founder of this ancient clan was a woman, one with astounding beauty, but a man had badly hurt her. It was then she made such a rule that every master in the future will need to protect her virtue. She said that the master’s training wouldn’t be affected as she would not be troubled by feelings.”

After some time, everybody sat down and started eating.

After Master Cang offered a toast to all his attendees, Lily pulled him to a secluded area alone.

Master Cang, pulled away from his drinks, soured a little when she pulled him away. “Why did you pull me over here?”

“Honey, only three people from the White family are here, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. More importantly, they’re Nash, Jack, and Kenneth -all three who I intended to kill. We can’t let go of such an opportunity!” Lily’s eyes gleamed with excitement as she could barely hold herself from acting on her words.

Joel, however, frowned at the idea. “This doesn’t seem to be a good idea. If we want to take action, it’s best if we do it in the Seven Dangers. After all, today is our wedding day. Wouldn’t it be not too auspicious to experience blood today?”

“I…” His response baffled Lily, and she rolled her eyes at him.” What’s not auspicious about this? Are you truly such a superstitious person? You surprised me!”

Lily paused momentarily before she continued, “Think about the opportunity we have right now, a truly once-in-a-blue moon chance that is. There are only three of them, and it won’t cause a big commotion. All you need to do is gather a group of masters and ambush them on their way home. Choose a location slightly further away from our ancient clan, and it’ll be best if this location is near to their home. They’ll surely lower their guard, and by then, it’ll be easy to wipe them out!”

The idea still seemed risky to Master Cang, even after he fell silent for a while on it. “But they have quite high fighting prowess. Would they inform other family masters about this if they escaped? That’ll be troublesome!”

However, Lily could not wait any further as she challenged,“ You’re really single-minded. It’ll work if all of them wear casual clothes instead of the ancient clan’s clothings and without bringing the token of our clan. Apart from that, Master Hunt’s sons have died during the competition, and I’m sure the Hunts are suspecting the White family. How would Jack and the others dare to say that it was us when something like this happened? If you send more people and barricade all exits, it’ll surely work!”

“You are really too impatient!” said Master Cang as he smiled bitterly.” Alright, let me make arrangements for that right now.”


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