No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1478

After the banquet, a few families bade their farewells to Master Cang before they left.

Nash also led Jack and Kenneth as he said his goodbye to Master Cang before the trio started their journey home, flying as they did.

Daniella frowned as she saw the White family leaving. Turning to Alejandro, who stood beside her, she then fretted,” Father, I’m genuinely worried. I wonder if Jack and the others will encounter any danger on their way back. The Lagorios want to kill the White family men so badly, and Lily marrying that old man Master Cang makes me feel like something else is running behind the scenes.”

Alejandro also nodded. “That’s true. I was just as surprised when I received the invitation. Who would’ve thought Lily would marry Master Cang now, and quite the pivotal moment too! It’ s possible that she wants to use him to get rid of the White family!”

Daniella’s worries increased when she heard what Alejandro said.

Alejandro smiled bitterly when he saw how his daughter frowned. “You need to train well; this is how the world is. Nobody would dare bully you if you’re strong enough. Otherwise, killing you will be as easy as killing an ant. You won’t be given any opportunity to resist!”

“Yes, Father, I understand. I won’t be lazy in the future,” spoke Daniella, smiling as she gazed at the other Cabellos. “Let’s go, Father. We should be heading home, too!”

Jack and the others took out the flying sword once they were a short distance away from the Cloud Sky Sect. They then drove the flying sword and headed straight to where the White family’s residence was located.

“I wonder if our journey will be smooth-sailing,” said Kenneth with an awkward smile after they flew a good distance. “Master Cang went too far back there. Although our hidden families aren’t as strong as the Four Ancients Clans, the White family is still a first-class family. How dare he dishonor our family master! He humiliated our family master in front of everybody!”

Nash only smiled. “It’s alright. We can only blame our family for not being strong enough. Would he still talk to us like that if we’re so strong that he fears us?”

He then glanced at Jack, who was beside him, and said seriously, “You’re blessed with talent, Jack, but it’s not as safe as it used to be. It’s possible that we’re on the Cloud Sky’s hitlist. Apart from that, I estimate that we might really find ways to break through into the Ultimate God Realm in the Seven Dangers, so you’ll need to break through into the peak stage of the true god level as soon as possible.”

“Master, it’s not good to break through fighting prowess so speedily,” said the anxious Kenneth after hearing Nash’s idea. “Young Master Jack is truly talented, but he had just broken through into the final stage of the true god level recently. His current combat power is totally sufficient to protect himself. Although he hasn’t fought any people in the peak stage of the True God Realm, enemies who have just broken through into the peak stage of the True God Realm won’t be able to take him, no?”

Kenneth paused here before he continued, “I still hope that Young Master Jack can break through his fighting prowess, one step at a time.”


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