No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1479

Only then did Nash speak of his worries helplessly, “How can I not understand this? Of course I’ m hoping Jack can break through step by step, but what if somebody breaks through to the Ultimate God Realm first? It’s alright if said person is one from our alliance, but it’ll be hell if they’re our enemy. Things will change, no longer the same as they are now!”

“Don’t fret, Father. My realm has always been stable, and I have quite a solid foundation! Hence, there wouldn’t be any huge impact if I try to break through into the peak stage of the True God Realm earlier!” assured Jack after he deliberated the situation. “No rushing on it, seeing as we’ve yet to enter the Seven Dangers yet. I think it’s best to let my fighting prowess settle down for a while before I try to break through in one go, given the chance in the future. I’ll try to cultivate some second-grade intermediate pills within these two days to see if I can break through and become a second-grade intermediate alchemist. It won’t be a problem to prepare some pills and carry them with me!”

Nash nodded at that as he confessed, “Yes. I said what I said because I’m afraid that something sudden will occur. Lily’s wedding this time had caught me by surprise, after all.”

Jack thought about it and said,” Father, I wonder if Lily had told the other three ancient clans about the ultimate god level? I’ m sure she had told the Cloud Sky Sect, but I wonder if this woman would secretly tell the other three ancient clans about the news.”

“How’s that possible? She wouldn’t have done that unless she’s dumb!” Such a thought seemed impossible for Nash and Kenneth after they pondered on the possibility.

“Young Master Jack, you must have overthought it. Lily told Master Cang because she’s married to him and she wants to use him to ruin us. That’s why she told the Cloud Sky Sect! Still, it’s somewhat likely that she told the other three families, and that meant she had told the information to the strongest and most powerful opponent of the Cloud Sky Sect!” Kenneth soon said with confidence.” After all, us hidden families aren’t a huge threat to the Cloud Sky Sect. However, the three other ancient clans are great threats to them!”

“Well, I hope I’m just overthinking it,” replied Jack with a wry smile. “It just boggles me: How did Lily become acquainted with Cloud Sky Sect’s Master Cang? Master Cang is in the ancient clans, and it’s some distance away from the Lagorio family. He managed to meet Lily, meaning that Lily went searching for their ancient clans. If that’s the case, how can Lily make sure he’d fall for her? It seems like falling for Lily was an accidental situation, and I’m sure Lily didn’t go to the Cloud Sky Sect, thinking of marrying him from the get-go.”

Jack’s analysis struck Nash as he inhaled deeply. “Now that you’ve mentioned it, Jack, that does seem likely. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have interacted, and everything happened so quickly as well!”

“Yes. Lily must’ve had something in mind to have gone to the Cloud Sky Sect, and she might’ve even asked, or thought of it, about how they can avenge the Lagorio family. After all, how can Lily be sure that the other party would help her? Still, I’m wondering if Lily went searching for the other party for cultivation resources. She might’ve been exchanging cultivation resources with news!”

Everything Jack speculated made sense to Kennet as he gritted his teeth. “Tsk, tsk! This woman truly is… She’s truly despicable for exchanging cultivation resources with such news!”


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