No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1481

Jack, who had not said anything for a while, piped in, “Those with fighting prowess lower than demi-god realm don’t need to follow us this time. Apart from that, we’ll have to put on standby some in the demi-god realm and true god realm at home to prevent any accidents from happening.”

Time passed quickly. Jack and the others were extremely careful, so they went through the day without any accidents.

Around nine in the next morning, they were not far from the White family.

Relaxed, Kenneth chuckled. “Haha… Seems like we’re just too paranoid. Those from the Cloud Sky Sect didn’t plan to do anything to us! I think the master was so busy with his wedding that he didn’t think too much about it. If he wanted to do something against us, he would’ve done it in the danger area. After all, others would think of this as a fight over precious items if he takes action out here in the open. Oh, won’t others think monster beasts killed me if I died here?”

“We can’t act carelessly. We need to keep our guard up the nearer we get to the White family!” Jack, however, frowned. He understood that woman, Lily Lagorio, well. This woman would not have given up on such a great opportunity, and it was definite she had wanted to kill them since long ago.

Their deaths would signify the deaths of those with the highest combat power in their White family. By then, even the Lagorios would be able to get rid of the remaining members of the White family.


A daunting sword aura came flying out from the woods below at this moment. It suddenly flew out from the rear left direction, rushing toward Jack and the others.

Jack immediately reacted and made the flying sword evade the attack at the nick of time.

Then, several figures came flying out from the woods as they surrounded Jack, Nash, and Kenneth in a circle.

These people donned regular clothes and masks to cover their faces. They did not even have a token to prove their identity.

“Tsk, tsk! Six masters in the peak stage of the true god level. They think highly of us!” Nash’s face darkened as he studied their attackers. “Apart from the Cloud Sky Sect, which other ancient clans can come up with such a group of people? You lot don’t need to wear masks – we know that you’re members of the Cloud Sky Sect!”

“Haha! That’s not important. What is important is that you three will die today!” One of the old men laughed as the sword in his hand gave off a cold glow.


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