No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1482

Nash and First Elder Kenneth hardened their gaze as they studied their six opponents

Those who sent the men purposely arranged six people, knowing that only three of them traveled together. They planned to have two fighting each one of them so they would not survive the attack.

Kenneth took his weapon out with the flip of his hand and said with a heavy heart, “Master, what should we do? It looks like we can only rush toward one side. If we manage to break through, Young Master Jack can bring us away speedily with this flying sword.”

“Jack needs to use this flying sword, but if all six of them attack simultaneously, it won’t be easy to make our way out!” Nash flew slightly outward in a flash. He knew that Jack’s combat power would weaken if he did not use this ultimate-grade spiritual tool.

Both him and Kenneth would not last long if they needed to fight two alone. After all, the martial art technique the other party trained in must have been extremely powerful, and their martial technique would be even better. The masters of the Cloud Sky Sect naturally trained with the best materials.

He even suspected that they would not be able to match up against them if they were to fight these people, one-on-one. Who would have expected the other party to send six peak stage true god level masters to kill them? It was too much.

Moreover, Jack’s fighting prowess was only in the final stage of the true god level. Even if he had the spiritual tool, it was difficult to say if he could take them on, one-on-one. Their odds of winning were pitiful when he had to fight two on his own.

Jack soon minimized the flying sword and held it in his hands. “Father, let’s try to fight them. It’s difficult to kill our way out, so why don’t we fight with our lives?

Death doesn’t scare us, so we might be able to find a breaking point if we fight them before we rush out.” There was no sign of fright in Jack’s eyes as he spoke – they were filled with fire instead. “I’ve never fought masters like these. I want to see how my true combat power is after breaking through into the final stage of the True God Realm!”

“Haha… Great! It’s decided then! The worst thing we’ll face is death, though we might have hope if we try our best fighting!”

Nash laughed. Jack’s fiery will ignited the flame in his own heart as he, too, wanted to test his mettle.

“Tsk, tsk! You guys truly can brag shamelessly!” One of the six eyed Jack and smiled coldly. “Young man, you truly are talented for achieving the final stage of the True God Realm at such a young age, but alas, this is where you die. I’d say that it’s a waste that you’ll perish, but there’s nothing I can do when you’ve offended our master!”

“Hmph! The powerful Cloud Sky Sect sent six masters to ambush us; that’s cowardice!” smirked Jack. “People will laugh at this if this ever gets leaked to the masses. The Cloud Sky Sect, one of the Four Ancients Clans, ambushed me?”

“Haha! Enough with this useless talk, young man. After all, I don’t plan to tell anybody about this. Apart from that, even if we killed you in this barren area, nobody will see us! This place is quite serene, and it’s a suitable burial ground. We purposely chose this place for you three!” The old man laughed as his eyes were cold and distant.

Jack laughed coldly before he fell silent. He held the sword in his hands tightly as Chi quickly gushed out and intertwined with the sword.

With the infusion of the Chi, the sword trembled lightly as it hummed. The overpowering manner from Jack kept on increasing and was slowly released.

“Everybody, don’t underestimate them. This young man is no simpleton. He seems to be impressively strong from his aura alone and is no weaker compared to us!” One of the opponents looked stern and grim after he felt the overpowering manner from Jack. “The sword in this guy’s hand isn’t just a flying sword, it can be used to carry out attacks. It must be capable of increasing his combat power by leaps and folds. This is an ultimate-grade spiritual tool!”

“Kill him! That thing is mine!” Shrieked an old man impishly.

“That won’t work, I have my eyes on the item first!” responded the man who spoke previously.

“Haha! Then let’s both attack and see who lands the final blow on him!”


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