No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1487

The two humongous tigers were both powerful and terrifying. They were more than ten feet tall and possessed the mighty aura of strong creatures—tigers. A thick layer of Chi energy was leaping on them.

The fierce tigers let out a roar and charged straight ahead toward Jack.


A huge amount of Jack’s Chi energy was injected into his attack so that he could control the flying sword, and thus the attack power was naturally more extraordinary than before.

Waves of flying swords went forward and soon separated into two groups; each wave blasted head-on against the giant tigers respectively.

The loud and horrifying sound pierced through the air, and the ground was shaking incessantly. Waves of Chi aura dispersed and radiated out in all directions when the blade waves collided with the tigers.

The two huge tigers were beating and destroying the blade attacks ceaselessly; the flying sword Chi attack cast by Jack was smashed without mercy.

However, Jack’s flying swords were too many, and soon the gigantic tigers could not hold on any longer. The flying swords under Jack’s control kept targeting the tigers and were attacking the same spot, trying to create an opening and annihilate them completely.

“This brat is quite experienced in battle!”


After only a few moments, the middle-aged man and the old man—who were on the opposite side—had bean-sized beads of sweat dripping from their forehead. Obviously, pressured by the situation.

“Dammit! It seems like our attack can’t hold out against the flying swords anymore!”

After a few more seconds, the old man’s face turned unsightly.

Sure enough, just as his words fell, the two gigantic and almighty tigers could not hold on anymore and were blasted away into pieces. Meanwhile, the remaining dozens of flying swords charged straight to the two of them.


Although there were not many left, both of them knew the strength and power of the flying swords. Even worse, the remaining flying swords—that had not been fended off by the tigers—charged toward them in full speed and power.

Terror stabbed their hearts to the point that they could feel nothing but blind terror. The flying swords were flying toward them at lightning speed; the attack was too fast for them to dodge. Thus the two could only shout and immediately condensed their Chi energy to create aura shields.

The first flying sword landed on their bodies just as the aura shield finished coalescing.

Almost in the same instant, the aura shields were crushed and the remaining flying swords bombarded their bodies, one by one.

They were elite fighters of the peak stage of True God Realm; the build of their body was robust. However, when the first two flying swords collided with their bodies, they were blasted away. Blood splattered from the wounds on their bodies, and mouthfuls of blood spurted out of their mouths.

However, the remaining flying swords did not cease at all. they continued to attack the two of them incessantly, and finally penetrated their chest, forming a bloody hole. The two of them hit the ground hard, lifelessly.

The two elite fighters of the peak of True God Realm—elders of the Cloud Sky Sect—were killed by Jack just like that.

However, just at this time, Nash and Kenneth, on the other side, could not hold on anymore. They flew backward simultaneously and hit the ground harshly. Although they were still alive, mouthfuls of fresh red blood spat out from their mouths, and they could not even stand up.

“Father! First Elder!”

Jack looked over there and cried out.


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