No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1492

“Young Master Jack, are you alright? How are the injuries? Is it serious?”

Seeing Jack in this state, Kenneth was a little worried in his heart, body afraid that Jack had been seriously injured.

“I’m fine, I could only manage to transform into the dragon when I reached the True God realm. While the advantage of transforming into the dragon can enable my combat power to be increased a lot, the disadvantage is that when in this form, the consumption of the body’s chi is very large!”

Jack smiled bitterly before explaining, “I’ll continue to replenish my Chi for now, let’s rest for an hour or two!”

“That’s good, that’s good!”

Hearing Jack say that it was fine, Kenneth and Nash both gave a sigh of relief.

After a while, everyone’s injuries were also slightly better, and Jack’s Chi was gradually recovering a lot, so he went over and got the six people’s rings and weapons.

After all, these six people were all strong people at the peak of the True God Realm cultivation, and were even elders of the Cloud Sky Sect. Therefore, there must be a lot of treasures in their rings, and their swords were obviously also very good spiritual weapons.

“Dad, great, there are four swords, all of them are Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapons, haha, this time, you have Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapons to use!”

Jack directly handed the swords to Nash, and then added, “Inside these guys’ rings, there are a lot of spiritual stones and spiritual herbs, there are even some pills, it’s considered a small fortune!”

Seeing Jack’s happy appearance, Nash who had survived the ordeal, patted Jack’s shoulder with a relieved expression, “Silly boy, it doesn’t matter if it’s a sword or not, the important thing is that you’re fine. When I saw you transforming into a dragon, I thought it would be the same as the young master of the Hunt family taking pills to gain a boost in power with devastating repercussions. That’s good!”

White harnessed the flying sword, slowly flying in the direction of the White family, “Dad, in fact, back when Cloud had these pills and I defeated him, I also pocketed some. Although this pill has a backlash, whereby after the increase in combat power, there’ll be a significant decrease in one’s cultivation, the temporary boost to the combat power is also very significant. As a last resort, this pill can still save lives, so it’s still useful!.

Nash also nodded in approval: “Yes, if the other party’s cultivation was a little higher than one’s own cultivation, and one was facing certain death, cultivation regression is still better than dying!”

“Young Master White, why do I feel like I am dreaming? You actually transformed into a green dragon. this is too incredible and also, you had single-handedly killed those six peak True God Realm powerhouses! My god, this fighting power, it’s really too strong, right?”

Kenneth still felt that the scene just now was too shocking, too surprising for him.

“Haha, I also did not expect that I could actually have such strong combat power in this form, it’s because of the technique I have been cultivating, I just haven’t been using it!”

Jack laughed, then added, “Unfortunately, my current cultivation level is still a little too low. If I were at the Ultimate God Realm, then I’m sure that I would be able to maintain this form for a longer period of time. Because I would have more Chi in my body to consume! If the opponents had held on for a little longer, I’m afraid that all the Chi in my body would have been used up. That being said, with my current cultivation level, I am not yet ready to use that kind of technique for extended periods of time!”


“Haha, that transformation earlier on was already very powerful – It killed all four of those True God Realm powerhouses. If you are able to maintain this form for a longer time, wouldn’t it be extremely great?”

After hearing this, Kenneth laughed out loud.

“Now, even if it’s the Hunt family, we need not be afraid. However, Jack this secret technique is our trump card, and it’s better if only the three of us know about it now, and save it for use at the critical time!”

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