No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1494

“You alone killed six strong people at the Peak Stage of the True God Realm?”

After Selena heard this, she couldn’t help but suck in her breath, wondering if she had heard it wrong. This Jack, hadn’t he broken through to the late stage of the True God Realm only recently? How could he be able to kill six people by himself?”

“Don’t listen to the First Elder’s nonsense, if it wasn’t for him and father helping to hold back the four, how could I have killed six by myself?”

Jack however, said with tears and laughter, this First Elder, what he said was really a bit too exaggerated.

“That’s also quite powerful!”

Selena froze, and finally smiled at Jack, “Well, take a rest first, take a bath and change your clothes before you talk, look at your body, it’s all covered in blood!”

“Well, we will not bother you any longer, let’s go down first! Take a good rest for a few days, in another ten days, we will have to leave!”

Nash smiled and left together with Kenneth.

Jack quickly went into the house, took a bath, changed his clothes after lying on the bed, and had a good afternoon sleep.

This morning really made him feel physically tired, the kind of tiredness he hadn’t experienced for a long time.

When he woke up with a start, Jack found that it was all dark outside, while Selena was sitting by the side, looking at him with a smile on her face.

“No way, it’s dark, it’s been a long sleep!”

Jack laughed and sat up, feeling that the injuries on his body had also completely healed.

He looked inside the house before asking, “By the way, wife, where is Kylie?”

“Kylie? In the courtyard playing, she’s been happy ever since she learnt that you were back and wants you to play with her!”

Selena smiled, then said: “But I told her to go outside and play, not to make any noise so as to wake you!!”

“Haha, let’s go, let’s go as a family of three, go around to the town below the mountain together and have some delicious food together!”

Jack laughed, got off the bed, held Selena’s hand and headed out.

“Honey, your fighting power is too strong, if you break through to the peak of the True God Realm sometime, then you really won’t be afraid of those four ancient clans!”

The two of them walked out of the courtyard, Selena could not help but say.

“That won’t work, there are too many of them, if they surround me, that won’t work either!”

Jack laughed and went inside the courtyard.


As soon as Kylie saw Jack, she darted over, jumped up and wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck. “Daddy, you’re awake from your nap!”

Jack hugged Kylie and smiled: “Kylie, I heard your mother say you want me to take you to town to play, right? Let’s go, let’s go down and have some delicious food together!”

“Great, great, we can go down and have some fun!”

As Kylie listened to this, her big beautiful eyes twinkled and she was so happy.

“Daddy, can you use the flying sword to carry me and mommy to fly down? Mommy and I haven’t even sat on your flying sword yet!”

Unexpectedly, after thinking about it, this little girl looked at Jack with an expectant face again and said,

“Haha, sure!” Jack laughed, took the flying sword out and threw it in front, which then became bigger. Selena, holding on to Kylie then jumped up on to the sword.


The flying sword flew around slowly in the air, “Let’s fly a little longer, fly a little farther, and come back later!”

Jack put Kylie down and let the girl sit on top of the flying sword as well.


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