No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1495

“Wow, great, I’m finally riding a flying sword!”

Kylie sat on the flying sword, looking at the ten thousand lights below, and exclaimed with excitement.

The next morning, seeing that the six elders who had gone out were late in coming back, Lily was a little impatient as she waited.

“Honey, say, why haven’t the six of them come back yet? Aren’t they supposed to have come back this morning? It’s already noon, and no one is back yet!”

Lily came to Master Cang, frowning and said.

“Oh, what’s the hurry? The six of them killing those three people is no problem at all. After they won, they must have found a place to drink. Do not worry, at most in the afternoon, they will definitely come back!”

Master Cang laughed and did not care, not the least bit worried about what would happen to the six people he sent.

However, in the afternoon when he did not see the people come back, Master Cang started to panic a little.

He had to immediately send a group of people to look for the road in the direction of the White family; he believed that as long as there was a fight, there would certainly be a lot of signs of a fight.

It was until the next day at noon when those who had been sent out came back.

“Master, Master, it’s not good!”

Just when they reached the entrance of the clan, one of the old men exclaimed.

When Master Cang and Lily, who were sitting inside the main hall, heard this, they immediately frowned.

The old man, with his men, quickly rushed in and said, “Master, something is wrong!”

“What’s so bad?”

Master Cang immediately asked, his heart a little worried.

“They, they’re all dead!”

The old man gasped for breath, and after a while, only then did he say these few words.

“All dead? Great, those three people from the White family, they are all dead? Haha, that’s great!”

When Lily heard this, she laughed incomparably excited.

However, just as she finished her words, she said again, “No, that’s not right, what’s so bad about it? You can’t possibly be saying that it’s all our people who are dead, right?”

Another middle-aged man, then nodded gloomily, “Yes, all six of our elders are dead, and the bodies of those three White family members, we didn’t find them!”

“No, it’s impossible, how is this possible! Absolutely impossible!”

Lily simply did not want to believe this fact, it was six elders at the peak of the True God Realm, each with terrifying combat power, how could they not be able to defeat those three people from the White family?

She had thought of countless possibilities, but never thought that it would be such an outcome, in her opinion, the worst outcome, at best, it would be that the other party could escape them.

“You guys are lying, right? How is this possible? The six of them, but they are all at the peak of the True God Realm!”

Master Cang was also unable to believe this fact, it felt like it wasn’t true.

“Master, it is indeed like this, all six of them are dead!”

That old man sighed, “Hey, there were a few of them who seemed to die very miserably and tragically…..”

“Very miserably and tragically?”

Master Cang frowned and looked at them.

“Yes, the body seems to have been scratched by a fierce beast, it appears to have incomparable sharp claws!”

The old man then said, “This is also what makes it strange, that injury is not one that a human could have caused!”

“How could it be… Where are the bodies of the three White family members? Could it be, they didn’t even touch the three people of the White family, before they were killed by some fierce demonic beast?”

Master Cang thought for a while before guessing uncertainly.


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