No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1499

“Haha. You still don’t know what this means, young man? It means that you are the top alchemist now!”

Titus laughed and said.

The First Elder saw that Jack

Did not seem to comprehend the situation and explained,” Before, the only people capable of alchemy were Second Young Master Hunt and the First Elder of the Cabello people. We had admired them for a long time, and when we heard that you practiced alchemy as well, we were already overjoyed. After the Second Young Master Hunt died, only you and the First Elder of the Cabello family are the only practicing alchemists left!”

Here, the First Elder paused for a while before continuing,” The First Elder of the Cabello family is a second-grade elementary alchemist. That is impressive enough, but you’re now a second-grade intermediate alchemist. Tell me, aren’t you the greatest alchemist now?”

“No way. I thought that the Cabello family’s First Elder was at a very high level!”

After Jack heard this, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. If he went by the First Elder’s words, it was as though he was truly the strongest alchemist out there.

“How high can you go? All the previous alchemists never had masters to teach them. They all practiced and researched the techniques themselves, And after they master an alchemy method, they test it repeatedly. Besides, only those who have Chi and are born with the fire element can be an alchemist. Any other individual would have zero chance of doing so!”

“Oh, right. And I think your spirit and focus must far exceed those of a similar cultivation level only then can you perform alchemy!”

Titus also added a sentence, smiling mirthlessly.

“Oh, right. Who are those who managed to train until they’re at the intermediate stage of the true god status? Come forth!”

Jack asked after thinking about it.

“I’ve been at the intermediate stage of true god status for a while now!”

After Yolanda pondered for a while, she stepped forward. She could not bear to carry out the assassination task that Lily had assigned her before, so she launched a surprise attack on Dean to help Jack.

Now she thought that she had made the correct choice. With the White family’s progress now, the Hunt family and the others were all left in the dust. Besides, the White family had great potential. Now they are beginning to pay attention to the branch families’ progress. The branch family members all obeyed and revered Jack, and their young masters had been training even harder lately. Since then, there were quite a few exceptional talents who had sprouted.

A few other White family members at the intermediate stage of the true god status also stood up.

“Seven people? Good!”

Jack waved his hand, and seven second-grade intermediate pills flew over and floated before them. “Now we lack people at the advanced stage of true god status. This status is very important, so I’ll give each of you a second grade intermediate pill. I hope that all of you will be able to make a breakthrough in due time, and I hope that you do not disappoint me!”

After Jack thought about it, he reminded them, “Oh, right. For those of you who have just broken into the intermediate stage, no need to rush. We aren’t in a hurry for now. Once your power has stabilized and you can make a breakthrough, you can use this pill to aid you!”

Yolanda’s eyes reddened. She took the pill before her, looking at Jack excitedly. “Young Master Jack, my surname is Lagorio. Are you sure you want to give such a precious thing to me?”

Jack looked at her and replied, smiling, “Hehe. For those of you who stayed behind and voluntarily remained with the White family, I trust all of you. I believe that you stand with us.”

“Thank you. Thank you, Young Master Jack!”

Yolanda carefully kept the pill, preparing herself to try and make a breakthrough in two days.

Jack suddenly saw another old man in the crowd. He clearly recalled that his name was Xavier Lagorio. He had been the one to send Lily back to the Lagorio family after she lost her power.

After sending Lily back, he still chose to return to the White family. This was enough to discern his loyalty “Xavier. Come over here!”

After Jack thought about it, he waved his hand at the old man.


Xavier was stunned for a moment before he flew over.” Young Master, what is the matter?”


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