No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1500

Frankly speaking, Xavier was worried.

After all, when Lily’s power had been stripped away, he was worried that she would be killed by someone on the road, or she would have an accident. That was why he sent her off.

Along the way, he occasionally tried to talk some sense into Lily, hoping that she would not harbor a grudge against the White family. He told her that she had done wrong, and hoped that the two families would leave it at that.

However, Lily did not say a single word. She soaked in her sorrow, and he did not know if his words had any effect on. Lily.

Now though, it seemed that not only had Lily not taken his words into heart, she hated the White family so much that she wanted to kill them all.

He felt helpless. He knew that Nash was a good man, but he was afraid that the White family members would not be happy with him. After all, he had accompanied Lily back home.

However, after he returned, he realized something, that the White family members did not seem to hold a grudge against him because of this. They gave the martial resources he needed, and he was now a Patronum. He also broke into the beginning stage of the true god status a month ago.

Jack looked at him and said,” Right. Patronum Xavier. What cultivation level are you at now?”

“Oh. I’m at the beginning stage of true god status now. It is because of the White family’s generosity and blessings that I was able to make the breakthrough a month ago!”

Xavier nodded his head and spoke earnestly.

Jack flipped his palm and took out a second-grade elementary pill, thrusting it toward the old man. “I’ll give you a second grade elementary pill. I hope this will help you to make more breakthroughs. I heard that you made great contributions to the White family before. This is your reward!”

When Xavier heard this, his nose reddened, and his eyes burned.

He had been afraid that because he was a Lagorio, and that he had sent Lily back, Jack and the others would treat him differently. He did not think that Jack would actually give him a pill.

“It was only right of me to do so. In the White family, your father treated me kindly. He even saved my life before. I do not know how I could ever repay you!”

Xavier did not take the pill that Jack thrust toward him. Instead, he tried to decline the gift politely.

“Just take it. If you break into the peak of true god status, that’s the best possible repayment toward the White family!”

Jack smiled and stuffed the pill into the old man’s grip.

“Ah. I do want to break into the peak of the true god’s status, but I’m afraid that I will not have a chance in this lifetime. I am getting older, and I do not know how long I have left to live. I do not have great talent. If you give me this pill, I’m afraid that I will waste it if I fail to make a breakthrough!”

Xavier heaved a sigh. He was now over seventy years old. He was already satisfied that he managed to break into the beginning stage of the true god status. He did not think that Jack would actually waste such a precious pill on an old geezer like him.

“Don’t worry. It won’t be a problem so long as you’re willing to work hard. If you truly fail to make a breakthrough with this pill, I’ll give you another, and another. Until you break into the intermediate stage of the true god status. Then, the peak of the true god’s status. I believe in you!”

Jack patted his shoulder and smiled. “I believe that we’ll be able to find a way to break into the ultimate god status. Then, the elderly like you will have something to look forward to. If you can break into the ultimate god status, what are you afraid of if you have two hundred years to live?”

“Hehe. I don’t dare to hope for too much!”


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