No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1502

Two days before they were to set out for the Cabello family’s estate, Nash and a handful of elders were anxiously waiting at the gates.

They all wanted to know if Jack could make it, with him needing to practice alchemy and trying to make a breakthrough within such a short time.

Furthermore, if he was not out any sooner, they would not be able to make it on time. After all, the Cabello family estate was some distance away from the White family estate.

At long last, while anxiety was seizing them, the doors slowly crept open. Jack walked out.

“Young Master Jack, you’re finally out. Have you managed t o make a breakthrough?”

The First Elder, Titus, and the others all stared at Jack in anticipation. They all knew that Jack had fearsome fighting prowess. If Jack could break into the peak of the true god status, then they truly had nothing to fear.

As everyone’s eyes were pinned on him, Jack nodded his head slightly. “Haha. Don’t worry. I did it!”

As Jack spoke, he slowly released the aura within his body, allowing it to seep into the atmosphere.

“My goodness. Such a powerful aura! Is this truly the aura of someone at the peak of True God Realm? Why do I feel like it’s the strength of ten fighters at the peak of the True God Realm?”

When Jack released his aura, the crowd was shocked.

“That fellow is a strange one. We even thought that we could beat him in the beginning!”

Liah and Martin exchanged a glance, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. They still remembered how they previously tried to fight Jack for the position of house heir.

It was as though it had just happened yesterday. Jack was now on a whole other level – one they could not hope to reach.

Even though they made great progress and trained hard, the gap between them and Jack was growing wider and wider.

“Forget it. Now he could probably beat a hundred of me!”

Yule did not know whether to laugh or cry. “I even thought that I would be the one to help him in the beginning. Who knew that he would be so much stronger than I am. What a great hidden talent!”

“This is fantastic. Haha. Absolutely fantastic. The White family is blessed!”

Nash and the other Elders knew that while Jack was still at the advanced stage of the true god status, he managed to kill six fighters at the peak of the true god status alone.

Now, Jack has broken through to another level. Even if he did not transform into a dragon, he could easily beat the old fighters at the peak of their true god status.

More importantly, now the Second Elder and the Third Elder were also at the peak of the true god status. The White family had gained five fighters at the peak of the true god status in a short span of time. In other words, they had nothing to be afraid of anymore.

“Oh, right. Young Master Jack, while you were busy practicing alchemy and cultivating yourself these few days, you probably don’t know that Patronum Yolanda has made a breakthrough after using your pill. She’s now at the advanced stage of the true god status. We’ve already promoted her to an Elder!”

Titus took a step forward and spoke to Jack, chuckling, “As of the other six who received your pills, two of them also made breakthroughs, and they’ve been promoted to the Elder status. The other four had just broken into the intermediate stage of True God Realm, and their powers are not stable yet, so they have yet to use your pill to make another breakthrough!”

“Haha. Good, good. That’s good news!”

Jack laughed when he heard this. He was delighted. Now the White family was truly getting stronger. “Humph. We don’t have to lie low anymore! I’ll just punch whoever dares to look down on the White family!”


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