No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1503

“Of course. Haha. Especially the Lagorio family. We’ll wipe them out if they dare to create trouble for us. Let’s see if they dare to come for us!”

The First Elder also burst into laughter. Everybody hates the Lagorio family, especially Lily Lagorio. Even after she had done unspeakable crimes, she still dared to declare that she was going to take revenge.

Furthermore, not only did she not repent, she even tried to use the Skies Pavilion to kill the White family. The last time, if not for the fact that Jack had a serious trump card on him, the three of them would probably be killed by the six fighters. If the three of them were dead, the Lagorio family would probably not spare a single White family member.

“Those in the true god status and the demi-god status can all go. But we still need to leave eight people of the true god status behind, and more than ten people of the demi-god status. They’ll be guarding the White family estate!”

Jack said after he thought about it.

Soon, Jack chose those who were to stay behind. He even made Lancelot stay behind, even if he had just broken into the peak of the true god status. That way, the other families would not dare to trespass their territory so easily.

“Sorry to trouble you, Third Elder. If you all stay back, you can look after the White family estate and have some time to stabilize your marital level!”

Jack patted Lancelot’s shoulder and gave the order.

“All right. Master, you and Young Master Jack can head out without a worry. Leave the White family estate to us!

Lancelot nodded his head. “We will be waiting for the good news you’ll bring us!”

“Let’s go!”

Jack quickly increased the size of his flying sword, and all the fighters from the White family flew onto it.

This time, the fighters were not just from the White main family, but also the branch families. In total, they had about twenty thousand people. It was a force to be reckoned with.

The remaining twenty thousand people were of lower cultivation levels or were assigned to look after the White family estate, so they stayed behind.

As a first-class family, the number of troops they had was astounding.


At Jack’s telepathic command, the flying sword zoomed forward.

At that moment, in the Cabello family, Helena came before Daniella. “Third sister, you’ve managed to make great progress in cultivating yourself. Now you’re already at the intermediate stage of the true god status. It seems that you’ve not been slacking off all day!”

“Didn’t you make a breakthrough as well? You’re at the peak of the true god status already. Stop making me jealous!”

Daniella looked at Helena, and could not help but roll her eyes before speaking

“Heh. I’ve been at the advanced stage of true god status for a long time now. I barely managed to succeed this time with the pill that Jack gave!”

Helena gave a bitter smile. “But you’ve managed to improve so quickly,” she said. “Besides, I’ve never seen you work so hard to cultivate yourself before!

“Of course. I’ll only be dragging him down if I don’t work hard.”

As Daniella spoke, her cheeks began to flush, and her voice grew smaller. It was evident that she was bashful.


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