No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1505

Helena rolled her eyes at Daniella. “I told Father that you promised to give some Bone Marrow Cleansing Water to the White family,” she said. “The idea of stealing didn’t sit right with me, even though it’s our own family possession. That’s why I told Father. I didn’t think that he would agree to it so easily. He even said that because we haven’t received news that Master White had been killed, it means that the White family members have managed to fend off an attack. We can’t look down on the White family any longer, and we should establish good relations with them!”

“So it was Father who gave this. How nice of him. I even thought that he would be furious once he found out. I didn’t think that he would give so much Bone Marrow Cleansing Water too!

Daniella was even happier. She was as excited as a child who had just gotten candy.

“Heh. Father said that Jack helped us to kill the First Young Master Hunt and saved so many of our people, so we must maintain a good relationship between our families. He-he even advised me…”

As she spoke, Helena’s expression grew bashful. She was embarrassed to speak any further.

“Advised you? What did he advise you?”

Daniella frowned. Judging from her big sister’s behavior, it seemed that! It was a touchy subject.

“He advised me to get closer to Jack and see if we can make our relationship a real one. So that our families will be related. This will greatly benefit the Cabello family because Jack has great talent, and the White family will only grow stronger. That’s why…”

As Helena spoke, she bit her lower lip and glanced at Daniella.

Daniella was furious when she heard this. “I’m so mad. Why would Father think of that?” she said, clenching her teeth. “He agreed that you two were a fake couple. Why is he doing this? Seriously…”

Here, she looked at her big sister again and spoke, “You. What did you tell him then? Big Sis, don’t tell me that you agreed to his suggestion? Don’t tell me that you’ve fallen for Jack? My God. He’s too amazing. You’ll definitely like him, That’s definitely the case. What should I do? He’s my boyfriend. Sis, you can’t just snatch my boyfriend away. We have a connection!”

Daniella truly flew into a panic. After all, her sister was just as pretty as she was. She was cute and doe-eyed but her sister was matured and aloof. What if Jack liked women of her type? What if the two truly developed feelings for each other after fake dating for a while? Then what should she do?

“Me? I didn’t know how to answer him, so I told him that I was just putting up an act with Jack. I told him that there’s no chemistry between us so that he’ll stop getting wild ideas!”

Helena smiled and added, “I even told Father that you seem to have taken an interest in Jack. And you’ve known him longer, so you must have fallen for him!”

“Really? What did Father say?”

Daniella’s eyes brightened when she heard this, her expression pinched in anticipation.

“Father was surprised. He said that if Jack liked you as well, a relationship could grow from there. But feelings can only develop in their natural course. Our parents won’t bother with what happens between us!”

After Helena said that, she jabbed Daniella’s forehead with a finger. “You were so panicky. Have you calmed down now?”

“Heh. I’m all right now. I was afraid that Father would disagree because relationships between our families were not great before. With this, I can finally put my mind at rest!”

Daniella chuckled, her heart dancing with joy. Since Jack’s wife had no objections, and her parents agreed, then she would definitely become the second mistress of the White family!


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